Apple Cider Syrup

As promised on Wednesday, syrup to go along with that Overnight Stuffed French Toast.  Syrup that is perfect for ushering in cooler weather and enjoying the warm flavors of fall.

While I love maple syrup, have a special place in my heart for buttermilk syrup, and occasionally dabble with strawberry I’m always looking for new flavors.  I came across this recipe the other day when I was flipping through a collection of recipes organized by my neighborhood.  I’ve mentioned it a few times and it has quickly become a go to book for me.

They are tried and true recipes with memories attached to each one.  Some are secret family recipes while others are traditional recipes that can be found easily on the internet.  I’m not sure where this Apple Cider Syrup falls but you can be sure some memories are going to be made on cool fall mornings while my family slurps it up.

I sure hope your family will enjoy it also!


  1. This sounds absolutely delicious! I’ve got to try it! Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

  2. Wow, I so want this syrup for my Saturday morning pancakes. Perfect for fall!

  3. Oooh, this sounds crazy good! And so perfect for the season… now I’m going to have to find an excuse to make pancakes so I can try this syrup!

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