The Weekend Roundup

Don’t let that pretty little face fool you.

Last spring this little youngin’ was born and now that little calf isn’t so little anymore.  It still isn’t full grown, in fact, it has another year or two before it’s ready to graduate to that status but it can already push it’s weight around and push around it did.

Yesterday we had our yearly fall round up when we {and when I say we I mean the vet} pregnancy test the cows and they receive their immunizations.  Let’s just say there is a L-O-N-G rubber glove involved and I’m extremely glad I didn’t go to school to be a farm veterinarian.  No peeing on a stick for these results.

The cows were rounded up the night before and corralled.  They are used to this but Mr said the cows seemed a bit more agitated than usual.  It could be because our herd is quite large right now or maybe they were just out of sorts.  Either way, when the separating began they started pushing against the bars or the corral and it slowly gave way opening up into a larger area of the corral.

Mr quickly hurried to the barn to find some wire to wrap it as a temporary fix meanwhile his father got into the corral with the cows to direct them.  Well, they were having none of that and one of them decided to show him who was boss and head butted him right into the bars.

Now, these kinds of things do happen but we have been incredibly blessed thus far to have very few injuries.  Until yesterday that is.  The Dearden men folk are a tough lot and despite having been pinned by a 2000 lb cow Grandpa Mr continued to herd the cows until the job was done which wasn’t too much longer, thank goodness.   Mr told him to rest once he saw his father’s side start to bulge.  Minutes later my brother-in-law is rushing him to the emergency room where they perform a ct scan to confirm that he has internal bleeding but no organs were damaged or broken.  That was good news…kinda.

From there they whisked him to another hospital that would have the specialists to care for him since there are some other things going on as well.  That is where we met him and my mother-in-law and where he will stay for the next couple of days.

So fast forward to right now.  Mr spent the night with his mother and we are off in a minute to meet up with them.  I’m not sure what is in store for the next couple of days but I do know that we will have approximately 2000 lbs of hamburger pretty soon, in case anyone is interested.

Oh, and I don’t think Grandpa Mr will be applying for the job of rodeo clown any time soon.  He’s had enough hits to last a lifetime.

While my family and I do cope by laughing it has been somewhat of a tough time.  We would be ever so grateful for your prayers at this time and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.


  1. Glad to here things are not worse. I will be praying for him to recover quickly. We have some hamburger coming also. We were loading cattle on the trailer and they decided that wasn’t the plan they had in mind. They pushed a coral panel over on me breaking my ankle in 2 places and my tibia. 1 surgery, 11 screws, 1 metal plate, and 12 days in the hospital later I am finally home recovering. It will be a long road though. 33 years it is the worst farm injury we have had thankfully. I will enjoy my freezer of hamburger that is for sure 🙂

    • Oh no!!! Yep, that cow is definitely hamburger! I sure hope your recovery is quick also. I suppose now that we’ve both experienced injuries at our farms we should be good for another 30 years…right!?

  2. Aw, Krista. I’m so sorry to read this. It’s tough work raising food to feed the world, and it’s so upsetting when someone gets hurt in the process. I’m keeping your family in my prayers!

  3. Ouch! I hope Grandpa heals quickly! And that “just in case.. 2000 lbs” note.. I just noticed we’re in the same state. Hmmm.. how serious are you?!

  4. Yikes – so scary! i hope everything heals well and goes well. Not the kind of weekend you ever want to have, right?


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