Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

With Grandpa Mr in the hospital over the last couple days it has been a long week already.  And it’s only Wednesday.

If you missed his little escapade during the fall roundup you can read it here.  Apparently he is the talk of the hospital and not just for the strange situation that brought him there.  He is as tough as nails but as sweet as pie so all the nurses love him for it.

He will be in the hospital for a bit longer it looks like and to escape from the busyness of the last few days I wanted something simple but utterly delicious to stuff in my face.  I love cookies but there is something comforting about biting into a moist cake with creamy frosting that takes you to another place.

Which is just the place I want to be.

If you’ve got pumpkin and a sweet tooth I promise you won’t be sorry about dedicating half of your daily caloric intake to this cake.


  1. This cake looks so scrumptious! I hope your grandpa has a quick recovery!

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