Hidden Valley Ranch Hummus

Raising four boys means there are days when I feel like a short order chef.  In fact, Budget Gourmet Mom almost was Short Order Chef {pun intended cuz the kids are short…what can I say} except the URL was being squatted on by some idiot trying to sell it for like $600.

The fact of the matter is I am a Budget Gourmet Mom.  I am constantly looking for ways to feed my kids healthy foods without breaking the bank and satisfying all of them.

Similar to adults, kids have their own likes and dislikes and it takes time to discover what foods each of your kids’ enjoy.  For example, two of my children could eat as many apples as you could give them.  The other two prefer carrot “coins”, as I like to call them.  When you discover which healthy foods your kids’ enjoy it makes it much easier to cater to those needs.

The only way to discover what they like is introducing them to new foods all the time.  If they don’t like it the first time don’t give up!  It’s true that it could sometimes take a few times before they will like something.  The point is to just keep trying.

I happen to make my kids lunches every morning.  It’s important for me to do that because I know them best.  I understand that not everyone has the ability to that but sending them to school with a healthy, satisfying lunch is important to me so I sacrifice the extra sleep even though hitting that snooze button would make me happy.

I’m so excited to know that there are other chefs, celebrities, and organizations that think good nutrition is as important as I do and they are educating parents, just like me, that simple changes are enough.  This week there are numerous fundraisers going on all over the country to support Lunch Break for Kids, “a national fundraiser to highlight ways for parents and kids to come together with chefs and schools to learn more about how simple, good food can make healthier bodies and stronger family connections.”

In its inaugural year, the Lunch Break for Kids (formerly Lunch Break for Schools) nationwide fundraiser featured nearly 70 chefs in 25 states. Funds raised were donated to the Chef & Child Foundation to create nutrition-based educational resources. Additionally, ACF awarded twelve $250 grants to chefs in support of school and community outreach programs. – Lunch Break for Kids

I’m happy to show my support and I hope you do too!  Find a fundraiser in your area to lend your support and see how you can help.

In the meantime, try this simple recipe for Ranch Hummus and see if your kids don’t like their veggies just a bit more!



The Hidden Valley® Original Ranch®, dressings & dips has provided me with free product to help with my review, but anything I receive from Hidden Valley does not affect my thoughts on its company or their product.


  1. This is such a great idea! Abbi likes carrots, but only dipped in ranch dressing. I’m sure I could get her to eat this!

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