Kettle Corn – A Movie Night Snack

As a mother I have had my share of time outs.  Only half of those were actually my kids.  The other half consisted of me hiding in the bathroom, taking the long way home, or making a batch of this kettle corn.

Each bite is a time out in itself.

I’ll need to be revisiting this recipe over and over again especially after my rather intense time out this past weekend.  It started on Friday with shopping and eating and talking with my bestie followed by heading to Time Out for Women in Salt Lake City.  Time Out for Women is a two day event filled with fabulous speakers, musical talent, and spiritual renewal.  It’s just fabulous.

After the conference I came home to my kids and husband and my parents who are visiting.  This also means built in babysitters.  And more time out for mommy.  Can anyone say antique store!?  I can.  I went, I shopped, I scored.

Fortunately my parents are completely happy getting paid in hugs and kisses and kettle corn.


  1. i love making homemade kettle corn! have you ever tried adding a bit of black pepper? it’s really good!

  2. I want 3 bowls of this popcorn. I’ve decided.

  3. LOVE kettle corn. How did I not know it was so easy??

  4. Stop taking beautiful pictures!!!!! And I want that popper.

  5. Hmmm, I’m thinking a time out is in order for me – complete with this popcorn!!

  6. Oooh, this is dangerous. I adore kettle corn, perhaps a little more than I should! 😀

  7. Oooo! Love kettle corn. I may have to come up with a reason to make this at home. I’m usually the one walking around the fair with a bag of kettle corn so big that you can hardly see me. 🙂

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