Citrus Roasted Turkey Breast

I can clearly recall the first time I ever roasted a turkey.  There I was, a freshman in college, and my roommate was in charge of a little {big} Thanksgiving party for our church.  She wasn’t the best cook but she did introduce me to Nutella {she remains a fave of mine} so she recruited my very limited expertise to do it.


Having never roasted a turkey in my life I called my mother.  Naturally.  She walked me through it insisting that I needed to get a fresh turkey because a frozen turkey wouldn’t thaw in time.  The grocery store only had frozen turkeys.  So there I was, the night before this dinner with a frozen turkey and no idea what I was doing.

To defrost the turkey in time for us to roast it I stayed up all night, rotating the water in the sink every 30 minutes as the turkey took a bit of a bath and I watched the Christmas Story marathon that’s on TBS every year.  It thawed in plenty of time, was moist and flavorful, and I realized how simple it was to roast a turkey.  I may still get a slight twinge every time A Christmas Story comes on but I came out relatively unscathed.

When developing this recipe for Citrus Roasted Turkey I wanted to create a dish that could be used to feed a large group or a small family.  I find that the best way to do that is with turkey breasts.  You can actually buy them the night before the party without the risk of staying up all night to watch A Christmas Story.  {Great movie, by the way.  Love the bunny pajamas.}

It combines all the warm and fresh flavors of the season with a little twist on the classic.


  1. This is such a gorgeous and delicious looking turkey breast! Yes, I would like this verrrryyy much 🙂

  2. Sounds really good!

  3. Is the turkey breast boneless?

  4. I love the flavors in this!! I roasted my first full turkey just a few weeks ago, and was actually blown away at how easy it was. I do love turkey breasts, though, and find that they work the best for my family!

  5. That looks absolutely amazing!

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  7. Ali Buckley says:

    This was STUPID good. I mean really really
    fantastic. Thank you! Our Thansgiving was delish because of this turkey!!! I literally still have my plate in front of me but had to comment now. Yum.


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