Kneader’s Peppermint Brownies


When I was a little girl my parents would pack me and my sister into our 2 wheel drive sleigh, journey down the palm tree lined freeway, on a quest for the perfect Christmas tree.  It wasn’t exactly Christmas Vacation {thank goodness…”Dad, did you bring a saw?”} but we loved running through the huge pines at Home Depot to pick the perfect tree.

Once Dad got it trimmed and set up the smell of the house was intoxicating.  I loved having a fresh tree and I would often set up my Barbies around it and play.  I was a real girly girl okay?  What can I say.

With a family of my own now I vowed we would have a fresh tree.  I was NOT gonna do fake.  Til I realized they can be costly {and I like having a food allowance} and I love having two trees.  We have a family tree and my OCD, every ornament hung just so, glitter, beads, fairy dust tree that no one can touch except me.

So now we have two trees, neither of which are real, and I miss the way the house would smell at Christmastime.  Taking matters into

my own hands I decided that baking would be a wonderful substitution.  I was right.

If these Peppermint Brownies fashioned after Kneader’s famous brownies don’t make you say ho, ho, ho then you may be too far grinchy, even for me.


  1. I want these brownies now!! Brownies are my ultimate weakness, and these sound amazing!

  2. I’ve never had a real tree, which I’m OK with, and your tree looks gorgeous!
    I was also totally a girly girl 😀 Loved Barbies. Loved em.

    And these brownies look so festive and tasty!!

  3. I love peppermint and brownies, these look delish!

  4. I may need this for lunch.

  5. You have such a beautiful tree Krista. And these brownies look amazing! Ho ho ho!

    Would love if you bring them to my December Chocolate party

  6. Our brownies look almost the same. Love the addition of chocolate chips in yours.

    • Oh my goodness they are the same!!! I got this recipe from a neighbor in the summer and I couldn’t wait to make it. You have such good taste. 😉

  7. I’ve been looking for the perfect treat to make for homemade gifts this year and these take the cake… or perhaps I should say they take the brownie


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  2. […]  Kneader’s Peppermint Brownies ~ Scrumptious holiday brownies with a peppermint filling and topped with chocolate […]

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