Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and a few Cookie Exchange Tips

When my second son was born everything went pretty smoothly.  In fact, looking back on it, his birth was the easiest out of all four of them.  I was settling in with the idea that I was the mother to two beautiful boys when a nurse came in and explained that he would need surgery.

Having a sound mind I remained calm for a total of .00005 seconds then questions started flying out of my mouth.  I don’t even have a recollection of what I asked but it was probably something along the lines of Why!? When!? Are you sure!?  I can’t even be certain these ramblings were coherent and by the look on the nurse’s face they probably weren’t.

Fortunately it took the nurse a total of 1.2 seconds to return me to the calm, completely reasonable person that I am when she said “when he’s older.”  She then went on to explain that it wasn’t anything serious but that my husband and I should just prepare for a minor surgery around the time he turns 9 months old.

Having experienced sheer terror for a total of 1.200005 seconds I can’t imagine the feelings of a parent who is told their child has cancer.  In honor of every child suffering from this disease and every parent sitting vigilantly at their bedside, this cookie is for you.

Around this time of year cookies and treats are common place.  Parties and family gatherings are abundant where many of those treats
are served.  It’s the perfect time to organize a bake sale or cookie exchange to support a wonderful organization called Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

It all started with one mother’s idea to raise money for the funds needed so desperately to research treatments for pediatric cancer.  Since then the organization has grown exponentially and is helping to raise awareness about kids’ cancer.  This year GLAD is also participating by donating up to $1.00 to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer for each cookie sold, exchanged or given this November and December 2012 – up to $100,000!  I was happy to join the ranks of bakers, eaters, and friends everywhere to support such a worthy cause.

A few tips that could make your gathering more successful…

  1. GLAD containers are perfect cookie carriers.  Be sure to have some on hand so your guests can fill them up with yummy treats!  That also means less cookies left over for you to eat for breakfast.  Cuz I know you’ve done it.
  2. Have some recipe cards available so guests can write their favorite recipes down to take home with them.  Some of my holiday favorites are Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies, Soft Ginger Cookies, and No Bake Biscoff Cookies.
  3. Keep the evening relaxed.  I find that with so many parties and the busyness of the season it’s nice to just socialize, enjoy some cookies, and catch up.  That also means less stress on you!
  4. Don’t forget to register your event on Cookies for Kids’ Cancer!

I hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, love, and especially cookies!

I have partnered with The Glad Products Company through DailyBuzz to help promote their Food Storage products. I have been compensated for my time commitment to work with this product. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. Thank you GLAD!


  1. So happy to hear Glad, one of my favorite brands is chipping in for such a worthy cause!

  2. Ummmm those pictures of cookies are making me hungryyy

  3. Your Peppermint Brownies look wonderful!
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