S’more Truffles

My parents were {are} teachers so we would always have treats in the house at Christmastime.  We also had an overabundance of coffee mugs that said “World’s Greatest Teacher” that would, more often than not, be filled with hot cocoa for us kids.  I guess it’s no wonder I grew up wanting to be a teacher.  Perhaps a little subtle hinting was on their part.

Although I am not a career teacher I am a teacher in heart so I like to pay special attention to my kids teachers around this time of year.  They do so much to mold my young boys and I absolutely know the work that goes into being a teacher.  It takes a special kind of person with skill and patience to be a teacher.

I understand that teachers all over the world are about to be inundated with candy, treats, cookies, and maybe a nice fruit basket like the one Ralphie gave his teacher on A Christmas Story so I thought I’d whip a little something special.

These S’more Truffles are rich and decadent so a small box will suffice leaving ample room for the “World’s Greatest Teacher” mug in the gift basket.



  1. These truffles are SO GOOD. Now I wanna be a teacher and move to where you are and find a way to teach your children so you can make me these…

    that’s totally reasonable, right? 😛

  2. You’re so sweet to bake for teachers 🙂

  3. Oh Em Gee. S’mores are my FAAAAAVVEEEEEE. I just made s’more cookies, but THESE, THESE my friend sound to die for!!!!

  4. Are you kidding me!!! Am I on your baking mailing list?

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