Homemade Mints

Homemade Mints {www.budgetgourmetmom.com}

Back in May I paid a visit to my grandparents during a trip to California.  Now that I’m older I appreciate them much more and the stories they have to tell.  During this particular visit I didn’t have the boys with me and that has a tendency to allow for adult conversations.

Homemade Mints {www.budgetgourmetmom.com}

My grandmother had pulled out some old recipes and books from her cupboards and they were laying on the table when I arrived.  We all sat and began to chat about them.  I eagerly thumbed through as many of them as I could, asking questions along the way.  Some were familiar and others not so much.  There were books from the 70’s+, cut out clippings from magazines, and handwritten cards.  All of which very lovingly used.

It’s the handwritten cards I treasure the most.  I can just imagine by grandmother or great grandmother, in some cases, writing the directions to the recipes that shaped the dinner parties, family gatherings, and holiday celebrations of what was to become my family.

This recipe for homemade mints happens to be one of the first of many that I am experimenting with.  It’s written on a piece of paper that looks as if something spilled on it long ago and dried.  Perhaps a cup of coffee that was off to the side got knocked as they prepared these mints.

Homemade Mints {www.budgetgourmetmom.com}


  1. Looks delicious! There may be a mistake here, but the recipe didn’t post?

  2. These are adorable! Love the color!

  3. love these mints! the color is beautiful! i guess i can make my own now, instead of taking a couple while i am at chick-fil-a with the kids. 🙂

  4. My mom makes these but with butter instead of shortening, they always disapear fast!

  5. They look so adorable. Almost too cute to eat ^^

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