Peanut Butter Banana Waffle Cookies. oh yeah, and Chocolate

Waffle Cookies-4

I happen to be in the kitchen a lot whether it is cooking for my four boys and husband, developing a recipe, or just because that’s where all the Diet Coke is. There are times when that is the last place I want to be.  Unless it’s for the Diet Coke.  I have a bad habit.  Don’t judge.

I also have a big comfy recliner which is like a bad habit.  I’ve had it for about 10 years and it is MY chair.  Other people use it but I have no problem making them move if I want to sit.  In addition to being a mother of four, wife, sister, and friend I am also a middle-aged man who enjoys a good plop in the ol’ lay-z-boy.  Yup.

Waffle Cookies

Anything that I can do in the kitchen to make my lay-z-boy experience that much more fulfilling I do.  As long as it doesn’t take too long.  If I hadn’t been taking pictures of these healthy peanut butter cookies I think I would have gone from kitchen to recliner in 15 minutes flat.  Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Waffle Cookies-2

And, since I expected to be sitting on my rump for a solid hour and a half to watch Tangled {the boys were not in the room} I decided to tweak this recipe so it had a bit of a healthy twist.


Whether you make these for the next movie marathon or after school snack I hope you love them! {loving that video…Echograph. Awesome.}

I’ve shared the recipe for these over at I Wash…You Dry today as she drives even farther away from me to Canada, eh.  When I’m complaining about the cold weather here is Utah {it’s currently 6°} I think of her.  From warm desert Arizona to Canada.  I think she could use a few of these.


  1. This is so cool! My kids will love this neat-o little trick! Thx…I will be a mom star!

  2. I have a chair like that too, so I totally understand 🙂 These look so cute and tasty! I best be heading over to check out the recipe. I also love the animated GIF. How cute!

  3. If I made these, would I have to share?? I want them all to myself!!

  4. Thank you for posting this, Krista! I just recently used my waffle maker for some refrigerated cinnamon rolls. I can’t wait to try this. How many does this make?

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