Blog To Do List Printable

With the new year I’m trying to get organized.  Not an easy task if you are a calendar junkie like I am and like color coding everything.  I am not even kidding.

blog to do list printable

I switch between multiple calendars trying to keep things separate and yet together.  It doesn’t make sense.  I am fully aware of that fact.  It does work most of the time but to keep my work organized I needed something that was in my face.  I needed something I could see everyday and write a quick note on.

So I was able to create this to do list printable with the help of my super genius friend who took one look at yet another calendar idea I had and sent me this list and said, “what about something like this?”  This is why she is my friend.  Plus she is an amazing cook and feeds me.

Green Blog To Do List PDF {}

turqoise blog to do list PDF {} lavendar blog to do list PDF {}

 yellow blog to do list PDF {} pink blog to do list PDF {}

  • You need an 8×11 (at least) frame with glass cover
  • One of these lists printed, photo paper gives a professional look
  • fabric, optional
  • peel and stick tabs such as Command Strips
  • a white board marker

So basically click on the picture you would like and it should open it up as a PDF file where you can download or print.  I then placed mine in a frame I already had with a glass cover.  You can probably see the glare on the top picture.  My frame is larger than 8×11 so I added some black fabric behind the paper.  Now I can change from week to week and add things that need to get as they come.  I used two Command Strips to mount it on the fridge…not the hooks, just the strips.  I have the turqoise one on my fridge right now but I figure with all the different colors I can rotate to suit my fancy!  And now for soup.


  1. This is cool! I am a total post-it freak..drives my wife nuts 🙂

  2. What great idea Krista!! I’m a notebook kind of girl, I have about five of them that I use for food. 🙂

  3. These remind me of those paint chip card thingamajigs at the hardware store that I love!!! So pretty!!

  4. What a cute (and colorful) way to stay organized and on track. Thanks for sharing!

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