Triple Chocolate Cookies


Triple Chocolate Cookies-6

I made you cookies.  Triple. Chocolate. Cookies.  You may be wondering what I want since I made such fantastically amazing chocolate bite size morsels of goodness.  Nothing.  It’s my good deed of the day.

This was one of the first recipes I really “tweaked”.  It has taken lots of practice, research, and experience for me to be able to create recipes from scratch.  Anytime I am developing a new recipe there are multiple elements involved and sometimes numerous tries before it comes out the way I want it to.

Triple Chocolate Cookies-4

Fortunately these came out right the first try but it doesn’t always happen that way and someone has got to be the taste tester.  Good thing I have boys with stomachs of steel.

Too bad their ears aren’t quite as strong.  My 8 year old had the mother of all earaches this weekend.  There were times when I was almost certain he was in labor since he was moaning so much.  I think he and I have had about as much sleep as the first night after I gave birth to him.  So pretty much none.

And when one has had little to no sleep anything goes.  Doughnuts for breakfast?  Why not.  Pizza for lunch?  Okay.  Cookies just because?  Of course.  Triple Chocolate Cookies?  Well, duh.


  1. These look so good! And I love the sneaky little hands stealing one.

  2. Triple chocolate cookies…why yes, I would like some of these. I hear ya on on the anything goes for food time when you have had little sleep. Somedays I don’t care what the kids ate as long as they ate!!!

  3. I’m all about the cookies this week. I have a serious hankering

  4. Triple chocolate=triple goodness.

  5. I had to Pin this. Next time I need a chocolate fix (um, like in 20 minutes?), I will be making these.

  6. Is there anything better than chocolate chunk cookies?

  7. Ear ache cookies…I’m with you! Poor guy…I bet these hit the spot.

  8. Anytime I hear triple chocolate, it’s going in my “to make” file!!!

  9. anything with triple chocolate has to be good!

  10. O I adore cookies, and these one- triple chocolate…who could resist that?!

  11. How many cookies does this make? And what is the approximate time spent making these (including preparation and bake time)
    Thanks a bunch!

    • Whoops! I think this recipe was before I was so diligent in keeping track. I’m going out on a limb here and going to estimate 30 tablespoon size cookies. Prep is fairly easy. 10 minutes mixing, scooping and baking 10 minutes times 3. Next time I make them I’ll update the recipe.


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