Homemade Brie and Bacon Ravioli

Brie and Bacon Ravioli with Herbed Brown Butter Sauce

I really love to cook with fresh ingredients.  In the summer, when our garden is bursting, I can’t get enough but still somehow manage to use a quarter of what we have.  And now that we are in the dead of winter it is that summer garden I am so wishing I had right now.

I’ve tried growing fresh herbs inside but I do not have a green thumb.  In fact, I think I have a black thumb because anything I’ve ever tried to grow seems to shrivel up and die.  Despite my miserable history I try over and over again because I know we can’t afford to buy those little packages of fresh herbs every week from the grocery store and use only a bit of them.  It would be such a waste.

Thank goodness for companies like Gourmet Garden who make people like me less stressed over their green thumb-itis.  When I discovered them last year I dropped the seeds and shovel and never looked back.  Not only do they manage to put fresh herbs within your grasp all year long but they can turn a 30 minute meal into a masterpiece.

Brie and Bacon Ravioli with Herbed Brown Butter Sauce-2

Kinda like these homemade ravioli.  Did you know you could make homemade ravioli from wonton wrappers!?!  Me neither.  Until now.  You better believe you are gonna be seeing a lot more of that around here!

I’m thrilled to have my recipe for Brie and Bacon Ravioli with Herbed Brown Butter Sauce on the Gourmet Garden website!  It can turn any humdrum weeknight meal into a restaurant quality night in!


  1. Oh my goodness these look amazing!

  2. These look so yummy and actually easy, plus I love Gourmet Garden!

  3. I’m craving summer garden things, too! I started buying Gourmet Garden herbs because of your recommendation and I love ’em! Thanks 🙂

  4. oh my gosh i love that you added brie!!

  5. Hurts so good.

  6. Wow! Fixed this for diner tonight and it was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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