Baked Chocolate Doughnuts for Groundhog’s Day

Groundhogs Day Doughnuts {}

Let it be written that I am not a cool parent for lack of trying.  The boys and I had been discussing these chocolate doughnuts for weeks.  I would tell them, “Okay, today we are filming Kids Can Cook Toosday™.” only to have it fall through or have another sick child to care for.  Finally, yesterday, we were able to make them after having to wait and wait and wait.

Let it also be written that anyone in their right mind who decides it’s a good idea to film kids making anything must be a saint.  Or not at all in their right mind.  Seriously.  You should see the outtakes.  In fact, I will probably create an outtakes roll for the end of the year that you all can enjoy.

Groundhogs Day Doughnuts

I seriously love my kids and, despite my own short comings of getting wrapped up in trying to wrap it {hehaw}, I love doing this.  While I was editing the video I couldn’t help but laugh.  They are such goof balls.  They must get that from my side of the family.

And speaking of goof balls…you may notice my signature pair of flannel pjs in part of the video.  What can I say?  I work from home.  If we ever cross paths at a conference or something you can bet the farm I’ll have them with me.  But hopefully not on.  I do really try to wear jeans in public.  Keyword in that sentence…try.

Groundhogs Day Doughnuts-3

The recipe for these delicious cake doughnuts is below.  I can’t wait to see what you guys whip up!  Make sure to head over to the new Kids Can Cook Toosday Facebook Page to share your creations!

I had some issues uploading the video directly to the site so head over to YouTube to watch the hilarity that is my children.


  1. This is such a cute idea – and your kids are SO cute! That was some kinda tightly packed brown sugar! *smack smack smack*

    • Thanks Lauren! I was cracking up when I was watching that! I was filming from above so I finally saw his face when I was editing. So hilarious.

  2. awww so cute!! These doughnuts look rich and sweet and delicious and I love the lil “groundhogs”!


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