How to Make Perfect Over Easy Eggs – er, Sunnyside Up

The Perfect Over Easy Egg  {}

Which came first…the chicken?  Or the egg?  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a darn.  As long as I have them in my belly.

This month marks National Egg Month.  Eggs are pretty incredible so I’m glad they have a whole month to be celebrated.  Not only are they a great source of protein and low in calories but my kids love them.  Well, half of them do anyway and 2 out of 4 ain’t bad.

The Perfect Over Easy Egg {}

“A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition shows that including eggs in your breakfast can help you feel full—and actually help you reduce your calorie intake for the whole day!”

The kids love them scrambled, mr loves them fried, and I’m an over easy {or, as I’ve recently discovered, a sunny side up} kinda gal.  I’ve always been that way.  I love to dip my toast in the yolk and slurp it up.

The Perfect Over Easy Egg {}

Knowing the risks of eating raw eggs it was something I missed throughout my pregnancies. Except during my first pregnancy when I had an aversion to them.  And he’s one of the kids who loves them…go figure.  If I’d had the resources I do now I would have been eating them all the time!

Raw or undercooked eggs are the most common source of Salmonella illness (salmonellosis) in
the U.S. today. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not recommend eating raw eggs
that are not cooked (or raw eggs that are undercooked). But it also states, “in-shell pasteurized
eggs may be used safely without cooking.“

I recently discovered the joys of Davidson’s Safest Choice® Pasteurized Eggs.  The more I learned about the company the more excited I became.  Certified humane, hormone and antibiotic free with cage free available.  Not only can I make over easy eggs for my belly to enjoy but I can make chocolate chip cookies with the boys and feel good about them taste testing the dough.  Mmmmm…cookie dough…

Hmmm, what happened!?!  Oh…eggs.  Right.

Over the years I’d like to think I’ve perfected the art of cooking an over easy egg just the way I like it.  I’ve shared my tips below and rather then frying them in butter I love to cook them with a little non stick cooking spray for added health benefit.  Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and serve with toast.  Healthy, quick, and a super satisfying breakfast to start the day off right!

The Perfect Over Easy Egg {}

Disclosure: I am working with Safest Choice Eggs™ on the Darling Dozen campaign.  I have been compensated for my time and efforts.  As always, my opinions, experiences, and stories are my own.


  1. You didn’t flip the egg so it’s not over easy it’s sunny side up.

  2. Over easy eggs are a family favorite here. All you gotta do is flip that egg over to make a little pocket of yolk. Then cut into that bad boy and soak it up on some buttery toast. Blissful!

  3. We are Sunny Side Up Twins! Although I do eat my eggs a variety of ways, I always prefer Sunny Side Up eggs. ^_^


  1. […] which helps to eliminate the risk of salmonella.  I don’t know about you but I love my eggs runny, one of my favorite breakfasts of all time is eggs benedict, and I seriously hate feeling sick. […]

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