Lacey Red Velvet Pancakes


Red Velvet Lace Pancakes   {} #ValentinesDayIt’s not very often that Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend. Over the years I’ve become very adept at coming up with something special to treat kids to on Valentine’s Day before they head off to school, other kids that is.

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I have to be honest, my kids usually get to celebrate their Valentine’s Day breakfast early since I started BGM and the actual day is a mere after thought. Usually it goes a little something like this…”OH NO! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. What do I have in the pantry? Flour, eggs, milk. Waffles? Froot Loops it is.”

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Valentine’s Day also happens to be my anniversary so I want to make it an extra special day for mr too. Since we had children it has been spent with RSV laden children, puke ridden boys, a trip to Disneyland, mr on a trip, attending a cousin’s wedding, and this year, a combination of a couple…if I’m lucky it won’t be illness that plagues us this year but 70° California weather and flip flops.

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I did manage to make these chocolate waffles with strawberry syrup last year the Saturday before Valentine’s Day. This year our early breakfast consisted of lacey red velvet pancakes. Slightly irresistable, no?

They are also pretty easy to make.

Now just sit back and watch the magic happen…

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Red Velvet Lace Pancakes

I’m not sure who loved these more, me or them. If your kids are old enough they can even make their own with supervision, of course, since that griddle can get pretty hot. Head over to Red Barn Blog for the full recipe!


  1. These are so pretty – I know I’d like them on my plate for Valentine’s Day!

  2. Very very pretty and creative too… great idea for valentines morning.

  3. Where’s the recipe?

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