Red Velvet Fortune Cookies

Red Velvet Fortune Cookies {}

It’s rather interesting how life works sometimes.  As a food blogger I find myself celebrating things months ahead of time sometimes in order to come up with a fun new recipe or for a deadline.

Such is the case for these cookies.  I actually made these back in November when I started scheming for a video shoot for Appetites®.  To be honest, I was kinda glad they didn’t choose to film this because it was literally something that I pulled out of brain at the last second while sitting in my parent’s living room the day before Thanksgiving.

Red Velvet Fortune Cookies {}_

I emailed it to them on whim only to realize moments later, “Oh my goodness.  What if they pick this one!?”  Off I trotted to the kitchen to make Valentine’s Day fortune cookies.  thatwereaflop.  Tasted fab though.  Needless to say, when they chose other recipes I was more than happy to leave my fortune cookie days behind me, at least until Valentine’s Day.

Red Velvet Fortune Cookies {}_-2

The trick to these is to not to bake too many at once.  It’s a fairly simple batter but the tricky part to these cookies is the folding.  Work quickly, don’t make the batter circles too thick, and don’t forget the surprise!

Red Velvet Fortune Cookies {}_-3


  1. These are so fun!

  2. How clever is this!!!! They’re also red like for Chinese New Year. LOVE!!! Hmmmm, I have a gender reveal I’m planning for a friend coming up…. this could do it!!!

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