Chocolate Syrup Brownies with a Thin Mint Twist

Chocolate Syrup Thin Mint Brownies

I always know when spring is around the corner.  Not only do the boys start getting antsy for warmer weather but three little words begin to be uttered all over the country.  Girl. Scout. Cookies.

Next to Christmas I think it’s my favorite time of year.  Girl Scout Cookies bring back a bit of nostalgia for me.  I was in girl scouts as a young child and remember selling the cookies.  I also remember eating the cookies, particularly the tagalongs {if my memory serves me right}.  Those were the peanut butter sandwich cookies.  Quite addicting, as are the thin mints.

The tagalongs never lasted long but we would stick the sleeves of thin mints in the freezer so they were cold when we ate them.  I don’t ever remember them lasting very long either despite the fact that they were “hidden”.  In fact, three days probably would have been a family record.  My little family is continuing on that tradition of sneaking a cookie from the freezer here and there until there’s nothing left but an empty wrapper.

Chocolate Syrup Thin Mint Brownies-2

So this time when I bought cookies I made sure to buy an extra box just for me to mess around with in the kitchen.  They were a perfect addition to these chocolate syrup brownies.  Almost cake like, the layer of thin mints adding a little surprise in the middle.

Head over to Red Barn Blog for the recipe!


  1. MMmm we always kept sleeves of Thin Mints in the freezer, too! These brownies look ouuutrageous!

  2. YUM!! =)

  3. I have to try your great recipe. Brownies are my husband’s favorite dessert, I tried many recipes and I think this could be the winner!

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