California Dreamin’

When I was growing up we lived within a short driving distance around my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.  That’s ALL my family.  Big, noisy, and completely awesome.

Holidays were divided and we spent Thanksgiving with both families as well as Christmas Day which was actually a bit more crazy.  Let’s just say I have a better appreciation for my parents now that I’m a parent and my parents/in-laws live in separate states.  It makes the holidays that much easier to divide.

California Trip-2

I knew I was lucky growing up but as I’ve grown older and {I’d like to think} wiser I’ve truly begun to understand the meaning and importance of family.

The last two weeks of February were spent with that awesome and very important family.  One aunt has since moved to Idaho but everyone else is still around Southern California.  Except me, of course, and it’s something I struggle with as my family ages.

You might remember back in October when Grandpa Mr {mr’s dad} got slammed by one of our cows.  Well, through those difficult weeks I was able to semi help and bring meals and try to keep a bit of normalcy to my mother-in-laws busy life.  Grandpa Mr is doing good now but he is officially off duty as cow wrangler.

California Trip

Fast forward a couple months.  Now my family is experiencing some trials.  I can’t drive 40 minutes to help.  And as much as they are fine without me I’m kinda not fine without them.  Hence my two week hiatus in California.  I got to spend time with my beautiful sister who is pregnant with her first child {everyone knows by now, right sis!? Well, they do now.}, her super talented chef of a husband {homemade pasta post coming soon!}, my always entertaining parents, and my extended family.

Due to the condition of some of my family I realize that I may not have too much time left to spend quality time with them.  Living 600 miles away doesn’t help the situation.  So mr took a week off to watch the kids while I stayed behind to (1) spend an entire day at my Grandparent’s house cooking and cleaning (2) went out to lunch with my other Grandma, Dad, and sis (3) met up with my incredible aunt currently battling bone cancer for bagels, diet coke, chemo, and Mexican food (4) went shopping with my sis and mamacita (5) and pretty worked or slept the rest of the time.

I can honestly say that it is a week I would go all Groundhog’s Day on and relive over and over again just so I could have more time with my family.

I realize this post is rather atypical of BGM but I always want to be honest and true to life.   My family is my life.  Truly.  And I am very protective of them which is why I hold back sometimes the so called drama that is mortal life.

In the coming weeks, months, and years I can see my life changing and I need you to be apart of it.  For what are we without the support of our friends and family?

Tomorrow I’ve got a decadent cookie that I actually want to dedicate to my amazing Auntie L.  She is my hero and cancer’s worst nightmare.


  1. What a sweet niece/daughter/granddaughter/sister you are. Prayers and hugs being sent your way.

    • Thank you Judy! I don’t know why being adult has to include adult issues. I think me staying an extra week probably helped me more than it helped them! It was such a wonderful week to spend time with them.

  2. I totally get this! In fact, we are moving back to SoCal in 3.5 weeks after a three-year hiatus. We are returning to more career opps for the husband, but more importantly, an adult daughter and my family. (His family is here.) I can’t wait! I want to be able to have family holidays, family craziness, chaos and when someone gets sick or needs to celebrate, people actually do it!! I feel for you and hope you can make whatever decisions you need to later to be the happiest!

    • Thank you so much Dee! Isn’t it funny that it’s the chaos you miss most? What a wonderful opportunity for you and your husband. Good luck with the move! And thank goodness for telephones and texting which allows me to connect on some level with my family every day.

  3. Corey Anderson says:

    You will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing. Lightens the load a bit.

    • It does Corey and thank you! You get to a point where you just want to explode and I was kinda at that point. Writing allows me a release of some sort so thanks for reading and caring. It really means a lot to me.


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