Lighter Vegetable Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice {}

There are two things that our family really enjoys.  Eating out and Chinese food.

As you can imagine, with four boys and a tight budget, that doesn’t happen too often.  As a result I have become rather creative in the kitchen coming up with our own take out…complete with chopsticks.  In fact, chopsticks are entirely all too necessary for Chinese food.  It’s one the boys favorite eating utensils and over come almost the most stubborn eater.

It’s the truth when I say we have picky eaters in our family.  There are a handful of things that I can make and be certain I won’t have any complaints.  Pizza is one and Chinese food is another.  Both not exactly high on the healthy eating totem pole…unless you can make it the right way.

This Vegetable Fried Rice is a fabulous way to use up leftover vegetables, whether cooked or raw, and I’ve lightened it up a bit using less oil to fry it in.  This is quickly becoming one of those dishes that everyone loves.  Be sure to head over to Red Barn to get the full recipe!

Vegetable Fried Rice-3


  1. This would be a huge hit at my house. We love anything with Asian flavors and fried rice is no exception.

  2. I love fried rice! I first thought there was nothing worse than having left over rice because it never tastes very good the next day. Then I discovered how to make fried rice! This looks soo good.

  3. Agreed. Chopsticks are necessary, my kids love them! I know I would love this too! YUM!

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