Southwest Savory Crepes {vegetarian}

Savory Southwest Crepes {}

I realize in recent days that BGM has turned into somewhat of a dessert du jour.  Dessert, in my opinion, has no real dietary purpose.  It’s one true purpose in life is to bring a smile to your face.  It is celebratory in nature and entirely fun to make.  Which is why there’s been so much of it.  I’ve needed that distraction in my life lately what with moving and the family health issues.

For me, cooking of any kind is somewhat of an enjoyable distraction but savory meals, such as these savory crepes, are meant to feed my family.  That makes them a chore, no matter how fun the process is.

Savory Southwest Crepes

As chore like dinner is to make it wasn’t a chore to eat.  A quick dinner is exactly what I need after a long day of carpooling, cleaning, working, refereeing or, in my case, house hunting, unpacking, and questioning why I wanted to keep this last tablespoon of lotion instead of just cutting my loses and tossing it.

I’m sure I’ll be moving fewer boxes once we find a more permanent home.  And I’m still debating that drawer full of makeup and hair accessories that I use maybe once a year which makes them useful but are they necessary enough to box and move again?  Ladies, you feel me.


  1. This is a picture of perfection 🙂 I’d love to try this soon, it looks amazing.

  2. These sound really good! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. these totally scream summer!!

  4. These look amazing, Krista!

  5. I’m usually more of a dessert crepe type person but I’d gladly devour this anytime!

  6. I’ve never made crepes, but what a fun idea for a vegetarian meal!


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