Steak and Bell Pepper Sammy

Beef and Pepper Sammy

Dinner time at our house has become somewhat of a merry-go-round.  It feels a lot like an amusement park in general.  Children laughing, crying, making sounds with their mouths that wouldn’t be appropriate in the dirtiest biker bar.  And not everyone always wants to ride or, in our case, eat dinner.

Some nights consist of eating on the run or a late dinner because of mid day activities while other nights are relatively calm with the exception of the aforementioned amusement park scenarios.  It’s those nights I look forward to and I don’t always want to spend them making an elaborate dinner.

Beef and Pepper Sammys n-2

These steak and pepper sammys are one of those dinners where everyone is happy, one way or another, including Mom because she gets to rest her feet a bit once it’s done.  Cleanup is usually a breeze also which makes more time for other amusement rides like the Haunted House of Homework, The Tunnel of “stop touching your brother or you are gonna get it”, and don’t forget Bedtime Roller Coaster complete with potty breaks and water stops.

Make sure you head over to Red Barn Blog for the complete recipe!


  1. Headed on over! These look fab!

  2. Looks delish!!

  3. Oh yeahhh, ooey gooey cheese and steak!!

  4. Nothing tops a steak and pepper sandwich! This looks delicious 🙂

  5. Yes please!!

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