The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Bad

Parenting is like a roller coaster.  One that makes you scream, scream some more, and often times vurp in your mouth.  Yesterday was that day.

The day started off normal enough…way too early and with much too much screaming from my 2 year old.  After attending a dairy tour and partaking in way too much cheese {could there even be such a thing!?} I returned home to my wonderful little angels.  What happened over the next couple of hours only reaffirmed my belief that my children are 72.454651686% zoo animal.

Zoo animal or not, motherhood is certainly not always a walk in the park but good can be found in all things.  It’s just a matter of finding it.  In honor of this Mother’s Day I bring you the good, the bad, and the not so bad.


The Good: the bathroom is as clean as the day we moved in.

The Bad: before the bathroom floor got as clean as the day we moved in it was covered with water that my son splashed everywhere while water fighting with his brother while he was supposed to be showering.

The Not So Bad: I made him clean it up.


The Good: I am so ecstatic to have a company now that delivers groceries to my front door.

The Bad: it only took one epic shopping trip to confirm that my children are indeed part zoo animal and have no control of their reactions when in large crowds such as those found at groceries stores.

The Not So Bad: I am now 99.99% positive that I will never take my kids grocery shopping again.  Ever.  You can’t pay me.


The Good: my son is the next up and coming wet toilet paper throwing artist.

The Bad: he discovered that talent by dipping large amounts of toilet paper in the toilet, rolling it in a wad and throwing it on the shower door. {before it got “cleaned”}

The Not So Bad: he is darn cute and I honestly did get a good laugh out of it.  Especially since I made my 8 year old clean it up before his shower that turned into a water fight.


The Good: the front room is clean and vacuumed.

The Bad: while I was going to do that anyway I was encouraged by a mound of trail mix the kids spilled to get to the chocolate.

The Not So Bad: the front room now smells like chocolate.


  1. Lol this cracked me up! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Awww hehe I love this post

  3. This really made me laugh.

  4. Oh gosh, I missed this post before and now I’m glad because I’ve had a bad day and needed a good laugh. And boy did I laugh! I’m sitting here trying to breathe from laughing so hard!!! XO

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