Strawberry Shortcake Three Ways

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How about we get back to what I do best.  Food.  Cooking, eating, sharing, teaching. Eating.

Last year around this time I was preparing for a long but fun summer of entertaining the kids, devouring as much watermelon as possible, and planning to smell like sunscreen as often as I can.  This year is quite different.  I find myself living with my in-laws, still trying to figure out how to entertain four kids for the next few months, waiting to close on our new house, move, and feeding a 3 week old calf by bottle.  My how things can change so quickly.

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The one thing that hasn’t changed is the task of devouring as much watermelon as possible and many other summer fruits including strawberries.  Between smoothies, pies, and constant snacking we go through quite a few pounds every season.  Our favorite go to treat is strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake-5

This classic summer dessert gets a new twist with my versions of strawberry shortcake.  Whether you are feeding a crowd, looking for bite size desserts, or serving guests at an intimate gathering you’ll find something that fits.

Strawberry Shortcake-3


  1. Loving the new header!
    Loving this “3 ways idea”! Have you tried the whole roasting strawberries thing everyone is doing? I’m thinking roasted strawberries and shortcake in a skillet of some sort…. Mmmmmm

  2. Gorgeous photos!! I love puff pastry so much, and all these look fantastic!

  3. I love strawberry shortcake, I will take it any way 🙂 looks delicous!

  4. You’re the definition of awesomesauce. Just wanted you to know. Dali Lama and EOTPV. That is all.

  5. I love strawberry shortcake and using puff pastry sounds right up my alley.
    Beautiful photos Krista.

  6. My favovite = Strawberry Shortcake Spoons!! ahhh so cute!

  7. I love that you give options for one recipe, so helpful in the kitchen depending on who you’re cooking for. Did Norman teach you that?

  8. I would take your strawberry shortcake any way, all look great

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