Apple Chai Smoothie

Apple Chai Smoothie

Let’s talk about smoothies for a minute shall we?  I mean really, it’s basically liquid dessert in a cup and you can have it for breakfast and feel good about yourself because you had a fruit serving.

Every morning mr makes a smoothie {okay, the mornings I don’t make bacon which isn’t often enough} and he has discovered some crazy awesome flavors.  Cinnamon Roll Smoothie.  Butterfinger Smoothie {not even kidding}.  Apple Pie Smoothie.  Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie.  I rest my case.  Dessert in a cup.

Despite my belief that smoothies are really liquid dessert in a cup I have hard time making them in the morning.  I think it’s just because I like to chew and I’ve already gone all night long without chewing anything and my body is just craving it.  Breakfast usually involves leftover toast from the kids breakfast or cereal.  So you can imagine my hunger twinges around say, 11:00 when I finally realize hmmm, I should probably have some real food or something.

Apple Chai Smoothie

Enter liquid dessert in a cup.  By then I’ve already gotten a few things done, like chewing, and drinking my lunch doesn’t bother me.  I rather enjoy it actually.  This Apple Chai variation of an apple crisp is my new favorite.


  1. Haha… “I like to chew.” You crack me up lady!! I am totally with you though, I love a good hearty breakfast, but every once in a while I’ll enjoy a smoothie. I haven’t had Chai in a long time, I need to find this chai oatmeal… 🙂

  2. Mmm, this looks amazing! We have a smoothie every Sunday with our Fried Egg Sandwiches and this might be a fun change from the fruit smoothies we always make.

  3. I had a Chai smoothie this morning but it didn’t have apple! What a great idea!

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