6 Cheery Christmas Printables

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As a mother I often use the threat of a time out to keep my kids in line.  Sometimes it works, while other times it only gives me more work and makes them more irritable.  A true no win situation.

Honestly, there are times when they aren’t the ones needing the time out.  Sometimes I’d pay someone to give me a time out, like a fairy god mother of time outs.  Someone who shows up just in the nick of time to save the day and turn my pumpkin into a carriage which will inevitably take me to the nearest spa where I will be pampered for a full day while my children are taken care of, the house is cleaned, and laundry is neatly folded.  It’s a fairy god mother…it’s not like any of that would be work.  “With a flick of my magic wand the dirt will soon be gone…”

Since the next real opportunity for me to have a time out is in say, another 13 years and my fairy god mother is on back order I’ve resorted to watching Christmas movies and creating fun printables.  And adding peppermint ice cream to my hot chocolate.  This is kinda my time out since food has become somewhat of a job.  It’s nice to have a time out every once in awhile, no?

Christmas Printables-3

These Christmas printables were inspired by some pictures I saw on One King’s Lane and being the always endearing budget friendly person that I am I couldn’t see myself spending $30 on seasonal wall art.  So I channeled my inner artist and made some.

Christmas Printables-4

Each picture will take you to the pdf file of the printable where you can print it directly or save it.  You may also just right click on the picture and save it as a jpg.

Merry and Bright Christmas Printable  Let It Snow

smilings my favorite baby its cold outside

noel oh christmas tree


  1. ooooooh!! pinning!

  2. Staci Dearden says:

    Thanks Krista for sharing the Christmas Printable’s–cute idea!!

  3. Love them! So festive!

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