Chocolate Crusted Eggnog Pie

Chocolate Crusted Eggnog Pie #dessert #pie #eggnog

The holidays are fast approaching here {when did that happen!?} and with that comes more opportunities to gather friends and family.  Thanksgiving in our family is very traditional when it comes to food.  Everyone has their favorites that they request limiting the amount of experimental recipes which only leaves more room for me to have fun around Christmas.

A traditional Christmas treat is eggnog, although I don’t remember ever having it at any of our family parties.  When I hear the mention of eggnog my first thought is of that scene in Christmas Vacation when Clark is talking to Eddie and he offers to fill up his eggnog, drive him out to the middle of nowhere and leave him for dead.  Cuz everybody has a relative like that, right!?  Except for me.  Awwwwwkward.

Chocolate Crusted Eggnog Pie-3

Whether you are new to eggnog, it’s a traditional drink at your parties, or your trying to get rid of an annoying relative this holiday season everyone will love this eggnog pie.  Granted, if you make it the relative might stay longer but it’s Christmas.  Share the love.

And speaking of sharing the love, I LOVE Safest Choice Eggs.  Especially lately since I’m on a homemade custard kick.  Not sure how that came about but I’m determined to become a rock star when it comes to making custard.  Custard from scratch has egg yolks in it that are only slightly cooked by a slow cooking process.  Making it with the pasteurized eggs from Safest Choice makes me comfortable serving it to my kids and even my pregnant sister at one point.

Chocolate Crusted Eggnog Pie-2

This pie recipe comes from my grandparent’s archives of handwritten recipes and clipped articles collected over the years.  It has been my greatest resource as of lately.  So make this a new tradition and have a wonderful holiday season!

Disclosure: I am working with Safest Choice Eggs™ on the Darling Dozen campaign.  I have been compensated for my time and efforts.  As always, my opinions, experiences, and stories are my own.


  1. Love this pie- and that you referenced National Lampoon’s Christmas! I totally have a few relatives I would not mind “refilling with eggnog”, if you know what I mean 🙂
    Also digging on those chocolate wafers you used in the crust- yum.

  2. Hahaha love National lampoon 🙂 this pie looks incredible!

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