Lifes Impromptu Parties

This is a sponsored post through Lunchbox for Unilever, featuring Target.  All opinions, stories, and remarks are my own.

Buy 3 Get 1 Free at Target-2I’ve always wanted to be the mom whose house all the kids flocked to.  As my kids grew from infant to toddler to school age I started to doubt that original “Pollyanna, everything is rosy” thought of having a dozen kids { and when I say kids I mean BOYS } running through my house tracking in dirt, eating all the food, and just being kids.  I am happy to announce that during the last few months I have realized my dream of being the house all the kids flock to { along with another neighbor or two } AND, more importantly, how much I truly love it!  Dirt, lack of food, sweaty boy smell…all of it.

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This summer I have tried to embrace the art of impromptu parties.  Whether it be chatting with friends over dessert, grilling hot dogs with neighbors for a bbq, or a splash fest through the sprinklers for the kids there’s always fun to be had.

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I’ve gained quite a reputation lately of always having some new fangled recipe for neighbors guinea pigs to try.  The basic consensus is that I hand out good food.  I have a reputation to live up to so it’s very important that I share mouthwatering, heavenly morsels to my visitors.

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Over the years I have grown to love Magnum Ice Cream Bars and believe others need to be on the receiving end of such deliciousness.  I can honestly say that when I go to the store I always check to see if they’re on sale.  Luckily for you I know that during the month of August they are Buy 3 Get 1 free along with other Unilever Ice Creams {Klondike and Fruttare} at Target.


May I gently encourage you to be ready for life’s impromptu parties.  There’s always something to celebrate and I don’t know too many people who will pass up on ice cream!Buy 3 Get 1 Free at Target-5

P.S. A coffee liner is a wonderful way to keep melting popsicles from dripping all over little fingers on a very hot day.  My little one just couldn’t eat his quite fast enough.


  1. awwww so much fun!!! You’re such an amazing mom 😀

  2. I’ve always been found of impromptu parties! I love the coffee filter idea too!

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