Cheesy Chicken Fiesta Wraps

Cheesy Chicken Fiesta Wraps

This is a sponsored post for Lunchbox on behalf of Family Dollar and Knorr.  My opinions and stories are my own.

When you are cooking for a large-ish family you learn quickly what meals are truly time wise and budget friendly.  There are plenty of recipes out there that boast both and I’ve discovered that doesn’t always ring true.  I love building my arsenal of favorite meals with versatile recipes that I’ve made before.

For instance, this recipe for Cheesy Chicken Fiesta Wraps could easily be turned into nachos.  It is also substantial enough to stand on its own.  The leftovers would be wonderful as a burrito or layered in a quesadilla.  Basically, with a few ingredients that I have in my pantry I have a handful of options.

Cheesy Chicken Fiesta Wraps

The other key to cooking for a large-ish family, once I’ve built my arsenal of recipes, is to make sure I have a stocked pantry.  To do this I buy things in multiples and most definitely when it is on sale.  Right now Family Dollar has Knorr Sides on sale Buy 3 Get 1 Free which makes it the perfect time to stock up your pantry!


I like knowing that when 4 pm rolls around I’m not racking my brain {too much} to figure out what to make for dinner only to realize I need to go to the store to buy food which means I’ll be picking something up on the way home from the store.  You know that’s what would happen.  Seriously folks.

Cheesy Chicken Fiesta Wraps

I know myself all too well and that would be the scenario folks.  At least I know I have a few packages of Knorr Sides to save me from myself.  Go check out Family Dollar this month and join me in my awesome preparedness.  I’m like the Mom Chef Boy Scout.


  1. I love Knorr products!!!!
    Especially their mix for spinach dip!!!

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