IKEA Dia de los Muertos Party

Dia de los Muertos Tablescape-3-2

This post is not sponsored.  It was done as part of the Deseret News Homeshow in partnership with IKEA, who provided the dishes and accessories.

The beautiful tablescapes that were at the Deseret News Homeshow had one theme in common.  Holiday Party.  While my mind immediately turned to traditional holidays I celebrated and still celebrate I wanted a chance to really shine.  As I began shopping in IKEA my theme quickly went from New Year’s Eve to Halloween to a Dia de los Muertos Party.  The colors and mystery and intrigue that surround the celebration was a perfect fit.

Not only do I love the colors but I’ll be honest, the fact that it is celebrated after Halloween, November 1-2 to be exact, got me more excited.  My excitement was only fed by the upcoming animated movie, The Book of Life coming out this weekend.  There is no doubt that Dia de los Muertos is becoming trendy and while I really love the makeup I also really love the culture this celebration is steeped in.  Dia de los Muertos, when translated, means The Day of the Dead.  Somewhat dark by name only the theme of the holiday is quite the contrary.  It is a celebration of life and a time to honor those who have come before you.  While I won’t talk more about the culture of the holiday I urge you to read about it for yourself.

If, like me, after reading about Dia de los Muertos you decide to throw a party of your own IKEA has all you need to do it!

Dia de los Muertos Tablescape-9

The basis for the tablescape started with the OFFENTLIG Platter.  It definitely has an exotic feel and could be used for so many other parties such as a safari bbq, masquerade party, mardi gras, etc.

Dia de los Muertos Tablescape-2-2

After picking a starting point I continued to tie in other colors and key pieces to complete the presentation.  I am in love with this RYSSBY Platter as an accent piece as well as these MARIT Table-runners that I got in green, blue, and orange.  They are versatile pieces that really add texture to the table.

Dia de los Muertos Tablescape-7-2

A few frames with customized menus and a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Printable confirm the theme as well as some sugar cookie skulls that I personally baked and decorated used as place cards.

Dia de los Muertos Tablescape-6-2

I’ve created a full shopping list of everything I used from IKEA.  The only item not listed is a trio of candle holders (item # 302.701.23) that totally make the whole table.  Beautiful vibrant colors and style.  I spray painted some white battery operated candle sticks and decorated the base of the candle holders with fabric puff paint.

Dia de los Muertos Tablescape-8-2

Finish off the table with two vases full of red roses and limes and a few jewels strewn about the center.  Not only do the jewels add muted splashes of color but they add what I like to call “motion” to the table.  Plus, they are small enough to move around so as not to overwhelm guests while they are trying to eat.  The succulents and their containers came from my home.  They are completely optional but they added atmosphere and freshness.

Dia de los Muertos Tablescape-5-2

Oh and can we just talk about this lamp shade for a minute!?  Add a cord and a light bulb and you’ve got a free hanging light fixture that is the icing on the Dia de los Muertos tablescape cake.  So to speak.  Or maybe it’s the cherry on top.  Either way…it. is. gorgeous.  Never before had I thought to change out lighting but it’s completely doable when you are dealing with something that isn’t hardwired!  While the shade is featured on a tripod in the picture it is only because I realized the ceiling at the venue was, well, inaccessible without heavy machinery.

I had such a blast creating this tablescape.  While I realize it may not feasible for all of you to go out and buy all the pieces you can still pull this off with some things you have on hand plus a few key pieces like the candle holders, napkins, and cake plate.  Just have fun with it!


  1. Awesome Krista! I loved the whole thing – You have SUCH great presentations!

  2. I’m not sure but were the colored candlesticks from ikea looked on line and did nor see them. Love a lot of your ideas which I will use for my day of the dead dinner party. Thanks.

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