I’m Krista.

I  am a SoCal girl living in Utah with my husband and four kids, all boys.  We eat on a budget out of sheer necessity.  They are already eating us out of house and home and they aren’t even teenagers yet.  Send reinforcements.  I’m scared.

I spend my days chasing little ones, cutting coupons, cooking food, taking pictures of the food, and eating the food.  In that order.  Most of the time I write about it on BGM.  On occasion you’ll probably have to listen to me talk about cows.  We {the entire family} raise our own beef and it. is. goooood.

I’m secretly addicted to diet coke and I will eat anything with chocolate or cheese.

I hate doing laundry.

Sometimes when it’s been a rough day I will buckle all the kids in their car seats just so I can drive around and take comfort in knowing they are all strapped down and can no longer touch each other or me.

This is my blog.  I write about food, life, being a mom.  But mostly food.

Welcome.  I’m so glad you are here.

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