1. Do you share recipes from other sources or do you create your own?

Yes.  And yes.  I often gain inspiration from cookbooks, magazines, and fellow bloggers.  Any recipe that I adapt I link to or mention in the printable recipe.  There are lots of times when I will come up with a recipe just by daydreaming or waking up in the middle of the night dreaming of food.  Not even kidding.

2. Where does all the food go that you make?

I have four boys.  And a husband.  I have no idea where it goes.  One minute it’s there and the next minute it’s gone.

3.  How do you manage to blog and handle all the responsibilities of being a mom?

I’m not sure how to answer this question but I get it a lot.  The simple answer is I take things day by day.  Sometimes even hour by hour.  I think if you are passionate enough about something then you make time for it.  And while passion doesn’t fold the laundry or mop the floor it sure makes it easier to sit down at the computer after those things are done instead of taking a nap.  I also have a very close relationship with my phone.  We are inseparable.

4.  What equipment do you use for your photography?

Update: As of December 2012 I upgraded to a Canon Rebel T3i.  It is a DSLR, her name is Helga, and I sleep with her at night.  Seriously.  I shoot with a 40 mm EF f/2.8 lens.

I shoot in aperture setting using my Sony DSC-H50.  You may notice I did not say DSLR.  That’s right.  I do not use a DSLR.  I’m hoping to upgrade but for now I’m perfectly happy with my ability to take a great picture with what I have.   I always use indirect natural light.

I do use an editing program to brighten and increase the contrast on my photos.  I use Lightroom 4.  I love it.  It is worth every cent to buy it.  I have used GIMP in the past, which is a free software.  I liked that too, especially the free part, but Lightroom has my heart.

5.  Where do you find food props?

Everywhere.  Not even kidding.  I frequent antique stores, IKEA, Tai Pan, the Dollar Store, Wal Mart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby.  Garage Sales.  In other words, no store is safe nor is any cash I may have on my person.