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Everything You Need To Know About Kids Face Coverings During The Pandemic

It has been two years since we are in a pandemic that has caused health havoc across the world. As you all may remember, there was a strict lockdown imposed during 2020 to minimize the social contact among people so that COVID-19 could be stopped from spreading. It was a great idea that saved the world on many grounds. However, things are getting better now. Scientists have developed vaccines and many countries have uplifted the lockdown to a great extent. Schools, restaurants, picnic points, offices, everything is almost reopening. However, healthcare providers and researchers still urge the public to observe social distancing and wear masks since the disease has been not eliminated yet!

The greatest concern of the current time is children. This is because they are too young to be vaccinated and thus need to take greater precautions to avoid the disease contact. We’ve been receiving a lot of requests regarding guidelines for kids wearing masks. Parents are confused that whether the children should wear a mask and what type is good for them. So, here we bring you answers to your FAQs. Have a look!  

Children and face masks

If your child is not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, they must wear a mask especially if they’re going out of the house for any purpose. Children who are 2 and above can safely wear masks provided that they don’t have any special health conditions. Kids under 2 years of age are not advised to wear masks because of the risk of suffocation. Also, they are very young and can’t remove masks on their own thus any mishap could be expected. Therefore, it is safe not to make them wear masks. 

The ones wearing masks should wear them at schools, children’s care, camps, outdoor sports, etc. They should not only wear masks but also maintain a safe distance from their fellows. Parents are strictly said to instruct them on social distancing and see if they’re doing the needful. If you’re taking your child to a grocery store or if he/she is traveling with you publically, a mask is a must! If your child is medically fragile, we recommend you keep them home with someone who can take care of them well.

Make your child stand before the mirror and teach them properly how to wear a mask. If they are scared to wear one, make them comfortable. To serve the purpose, you can put a mask on their favorite toy animal or you can decorate their mask with their favorite cartoon or book character prints. Many companies can get you personalized masks for your children. Last but not the least, practice wearing a mask before your children so they could understand its importance. Talk about the potential risks and focus on the healthy part so your child knows about both sides of the picture.    

The safest mask for children

One popular concern is which mask type is safe for the children to wear. Well, our answer to this will be WWDOLL KN95 kids masks by is the best for children. They are available in multiple colors and are super breathable, disposable KN95 masks for children. The size of the WWDOLL KN95 kids faces masks is ideal for all children and offers comfortable wear. Plus these masks have 5 layers of protection and thus provide 95% protection against airborne germs. If you are looking forward to buying masks for your child, get this one from Trust us, you won’t regret the purchase!     

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N95 masks should no longer be reused, FDA says

The ration and reuse of N95 face masks made in USA are about to end. This is because the Joe Biden administration is taking quick steps toward ending the emergency which has caused hospitals and healthcare organizations to do so.

N95 face masks present the first line of defense between the deadly COVID-19 and the frontline workers fighting against it. Since they were highly in demand, the supply went short and people were advised to use the masks for an extended time. Proper guidelines were generated and circulated for providers to ration, clean, and reuse disposable personal protective equipment. The doctors and nurses were issued an N95 mask once a week which was to be tossed after every patient. However, this extended use and reuse of N95 masks triggered inadequate protection and resulted in the death of thousands of medical care providers. They were exposed and infected to the virus because the reused masks didn’t ensure enough safety. 

The situation, nowadays, is much stable. Many American manufacturers claim that they have a vast or surplus amount of masks for sales and can provide the hospitals and health organizations with stockpiles for almost 3-12 months. Since there is enough supply of N95 face masks made in USA, the government has asked the medical personnel to return to one mask per patient.

The US FDA is strongly recommending people to transit away from conservation strategies used during the crisis. However, reusing and sterilizing N95 manufactured in USA was still legal and permitted. In the coming days, the FDA is expected to issue updates and revert to single-use every day. The American population can practice contingency and conventional strategies like using the mask during one interaction and disposing it off later.           

CEOs from the biggest N95 mask manufacturing brands have told media that N95 and other personal protective equipment are mostly designed for single-use and are never recommended for reusing from patients to patients. Therefore, extended use and that too when the infection rate is at its peak is never a safe idea.

Government officials and manufacturers are now working hand-in-hand to address the outcomes of the PPE shortage in America. They are trying hard to ensure that such a situation never pops up in the future and if it does, the healthcare staff must be provided with a good backup supply. So that, we don’t have to give up on the lives of our frontline fighters.

During the shortage of masks, many startups emerged and took over the market like a pro! ALG health is one of them. It was a startup initiated with the sole aim of meeting the high demand for N95 face masks made in USA.  Their product is famous as “Patriot Mask” and is of high quality ensuring high safety. The variety of masks by ALG health is good enough to provide you with an extensive product range to choose from. If you’re looking to buy some genuine face masks with 95% or more efficiency, ALG health is your go-to retailer.     

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6 Tips To Select Best N95 Face Mask Made In the USA

Can you imagine yourself without a face mask? Did you ever imagine that face masks will gain this much importance in a short period? Well, No one ever imagined. Before 2019 life was smooth, everyone was busy in their lives, and then suddenly a wave of corona destroyed everything. It changed our lifestyle. Face masks that were neglected before are now the most important part of our life. They are probably the only cost-effective option to save ourselves from Covid19. From 2019 to the present face masks have played an important role in controlling this deadly disease. Covid19 made the use of face masks so important that everyone is busy finding the best quality masks. So, if you are in search of the best N95 particulate respirator made in the USA then is the best option to go for. We aim to provide the best quality face masks made in the USA to our medical workers, industrialist, and first responders. 

Tips to select N95 masks made in the USA

If you are thinking to buy the best N95 masks made in the USA then here few recommendations you must consider before buying.

  • Fluid resistance
  • Multiple layers of fabrics
  • Bacterial filtration
  • Proper fit
  • Reusable 
  • Easy breath
  • NIOSH approved

Fluid resistance 

This performance metric gives a general detail of N95 masks against the fluid. It tells the capability of your mask to resist fluids that can cause the virus. If your masks pass this test then go for it. provides the best N95 face masks made in the USA.

Multiple layers of fabrics

The second thing to consider the layers of fabrics on masks. Experts suggest that multiple layers of fabrics on face masks help in better filtration. As Covid19 spread through contiguous particles entering the human body through respiration. So, it is better to buy the best N95 face masks made in the USA as they fulfill this criterion. 

Bacterial filtration

They can filter bacterial particles of size ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 micron. Covid19 spreads through harmful air particles entering your body. So, is it important to keep in mind that the mask you are buying is capable of protecting bacterial particles or not? So, go and grab the best N95 face masks made in the USA.

Proper fit

Facemasks are always with us nowadays. So, buying a face mask is not enough to keep yourself protected. It is good to buy a mask that properly fits on your face so you can wear them easily.


It is important to keep in mind that the mask you are buying is reusable or not. As we wear face masks daily so it is not possible to buy them daily. So, if the masks are reusable it helps in saving money and time. You can get the best N95 face masks made in the USA from which are reusable.

Easy breath

The government has ordered us to wear a face mask whenever anyone steps out of the home. Therefore, it is important to buy face masks that cause no breathing difficulty. N95 face masks made in the USA are designed in such a way that they cause no difficulty in breathing.

NIOSH approved

NIOSH-approved masks are safe and reliable as they are tested in the laboratory and if they succeed in fulfilling the safety criteria’s they are sent to market for use. So, supplies the best N95 face masks made in the USA which are NIOSH approved.

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Why You Should Wear N95 Mask after COVID-19 Vaccine?

COVID-19 vaccines are closely monitored even after people are getting fully vaccinated to study the after effects in real world practice. Experts have strongly recommended continuing wearing masks and maintaining social distance until we can relax in a more stable environment. The past year has been a tough one for everyone struggling with COVID-19 and its consequences and we certainly don’t want the virus to mutate rapidly in future. Following critical precautionary measures along with the vaccine strengthens immunity against viruses and that is how you are supposed to protect yourself.

Medical Supply All promotes American based PPE makers by supplying their best quality N95 face masks made in USA to facilitate the nation. The platform has a wide range of premium quality surgical masks, N95 face masks, and cloth masks from reputed brands in affordable prices. The masks are NIOSH certified to ensure efficient filtration performance and maximum protection against virus and dust. The world is taking

Protect Yourself

There are multiple vaccines for protection against Corona virus and experts are recommending people to register themselves. People were reluctant volunteering themselves for the vaccine when it first came but Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson vaccines have all proved to be reliable and effective. However, there are ongoing studies to closely monitor the after effects of vaccines in real world practice. The world health organization has had a vital role in providing guidelines for the public to follow throughout the pandemic and it still strictly recommends wearing face masks in normal routine for maximum protection. PPE makers have all ramped up efforts to provide sufficient PPE for medical community and general public to limit the spread of Corona virus. Finding premium quality face masks is even more convenient with all brands available at

Protect Unvaccinated People around You

There will be billions of people who won’t be able to receive the vaccine even this year and it is our duty to protect them as much as we can. Getting a vaccine does not mean that you cannot carry the virus with you. It only makes the virus intensity less severe if it attacks your immune system as the vaccine will already have developed antibodies against it. Asymptomatic is the term we are commonly hearing after the regulation of COVID-19 vaccines and it relates to having silent symptoms which we are most concerned about. A vaccine can save you from severe sickness but it can survive in your nasal path if you inhale the infectious particles. What that means is that you will transmit the virus onto others if you cough or sneeze around them. Wearing a face mask is crucially important especially when you are in public places so you can stop spreading Corona virus on your part.

100% Protection is not possible with Vaccines

It is true that we cannot return back to normal life instantly even when COVID-19 vaccines have arrived. Vaccines are not 100% effective for preventing virus from attacking your body as you still are at a minimal risk. We don’t deny the fact that vaccines are incredibly effective for protecting against virus but they leave you with 4% to 5% risk of contracting COVID-19. So, what you can do is combine preventive interventions for maximum protection. Wearing mask and social distancing can be conveniently being continued so as to stop spreading corona virus sooner. PPE makers have put in a lot of effort for providing the nation with effective PPEs and Medical Supply All is a platform for promoting them.

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3 Important Reasons for Wearing N95 Masks after COVID-19 Vaccine

The world is hoping for COVID-19 pandemic phase to end in the foreseeable future with effective vaccines available for immunization against the virus. People are getting fully vaccinated so they can get back to normal life and throw away face masks. However, it is important to understand that vaccine adds a layer of protection along with other protective measures and you should continue wearing masks until at least everyone gets vaccinated.

It’s finally time to wave good bye to huge hardship faced by America during the pandemic with crucial shortage of masks as we have effective vaccines to complement American made PPE supplies. ALG Health launched its mask production facility to address critical shortage of masks in the United States during COVID-19 pandemic. They have served the medical community and nation successfully with highly effective PPEs including disposable surgical masks and N95 masks manufactured in USA. While people are still wondering if they will have to wear masks after they get fully vaccinated, experts are looking closely into how vaccines work in the real world. So, you have all reasons to follow precautionary measures recommended by experts together with COVID-19 vaccine for everyone’s safety.

No Vaccine is 100% Efficient

The general public assumes that the vaccines can provide 100% protection from viruses. However, this is not true as vaccines can only build immunity against virus to certain extent. Also, you may not be protected immediately after receiving the single or dose vaccine as the immune system takes time to respond. The first dose of Pfizer and Moderna builds partial immunity while and the second dose may take up to two weeks for strengthening your immune system completely. Whatever vaccine you receive, you should still continue taking all precautions as you may still put yourself and others at risk unknowingly.

Limit Virus Transmission

The new vaccines have just arrived to build immunity against Corona virus. Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials have shown remarkably good results for minimizing the risk of Corona virus. However, we are still not sure if the vaccines are effective for limiting the spread of virus to unvaccinated people. COVID-19 still exists all around us and people can carry viral particles anywhere regardless of the vaccine they have received. The vaccines are meant for preventing serious illness by building immunization against virus but there is a possibility of getting infected with silent symptoms to affect other people around. Scientists believe that the virus can still multiply in the nose before systematic antibodies kill it off. Vaccinated people will likely not develop any symptoms but can still transmit virus when they sneeze or cough.

Maximize Vaccine Effectiveness

COVID-19 vaccines are prioritized for front line health workers and aged people who are at a greater risk of contracting the virus. Not everyone is eligible for immunization against Corona virus in many countries because of limited vaccines available which clearly identifies the need for wearing masks and continuing other preventive measures to keep everyone safe. Precautionary measures will save unvaccinated individuals from contracting the virus and vaccinated individuals from spreading it even if they develop silent symptoms. So, it is crucial for nations to realize the importance of wearing a mask no matter how they feel about it. Vaccines are developed to stop Corona virus from spreading as it has in the past year and it is our duty to maximize their effectiveness by continuing recommended safety measures.

Wearing a mask along with other critical preventive measures is just as important as getting vaccinated until the virus mutates. American based PPE makers have ramped up their efforts for supplying surgical masks and N95 masks manufactured in USA to facilitate front line health workers and general public. ALG Health recognized the need for wearing masks to protect the nation and providing them with quality products available at This was a proactive measure taken for the nation so they don’t have to rely on foreign PPE supplies to protect themselves against corona virus.

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Jaggery vs. Sugar, which one is healthier?

Organic Jaggery commonly known as ” organic gur” and sugar are the two most widely and commonly used sweeteners. Sources used to produce both Jaggery and sugar are the same i.e. sugar cane juice still there is a huge difference in the properties and benefits they offer. This difference arises due to the treatment and processing of sugar cane juice in both cases giving them different colors, flavors, and textures. However, both of them are used as substitutes for each other in various drinks and desserts. Based on this there is a never-ending tussle between sugar and Jaggery making people confused about what to use and whatnot.

Let us find out which of them is healthier by exploring the differences and understanding the health benefits they offer!

Before going further keep in mind that, “The less processed you eat, the better it is for your system”

Nutritional value

Organic Jaggery is a wholesome product with high nutritious value as compared to the processed white sugar which consists of empty calories, which means it offers calories without vitamins and minerals. Going through an extensive industrial process it loses all of its nutrients and is left as a simple sucrose product. On the other hand, Jaggery is full of minerals like magnesium, calcium, selenium, potassium, zinc, and manganese. Thus it makes no sense to use sugar instead of Jaggery as a better health alternative.

Natural v/s chemically loaded product

Processing of anything makes it less healthy. Jaggery is devoid of any chemical additives (pesticides, artificial sweeteners, and colors, etc.) which are used in the processing of white sugar, making it healthier and beneficial. Sugar with loads of chemicals and bleaching agents may be harmful to the body. A processed product, therefore, is never a healthier choice as compared to the natural product for your body system.

Health benefits

Sugar with zero nutritious value offers no health benefits except when blood sugar level needs to be elevated immediately. On the other hand, Jaggery is known for a range of health benefits including respiratory and digestive health, metabolism, liver detoxification, blood purification, intestinal health, and many more. It has long been used to treat common colds and coughs.

Blood sugar level

Jaggery being a complex carbohydrate and an unrefined product is absorbed slowly in the body as compared to sugar which is absorbed rapidly. Therefore, Jaggery does not elevate the sugar level of blood instantly as compared to white sugar that rapidly affects the blood sugar level. The instant absorption of sugar in the blood, boosting energy levels may negatively affect different body organs including kidneys, eyes, brain, etc. This makes Jaggery a healthier choice as compared to white sugar.


Sugar with empty calories and having zero nutritious value is unhealthy as compared to organic gur, which is loaded with antioxidants boosting the immunity of the body and preventing it from various ailments.

Weight gain

Jaggery is a healthier option as compared to sugar when it comes to maintaining or losing weight. Sugar induces weight gain by rapidly increasing blood sugar level while Jaggery helps in maintaining electrolyte balance and preventing retention of water.

Organic Jaggery being a natural product with high nutritional value is a healthier choice when compared with white sugar which has empty calories and a large number of additives offering no health benefits. But one should always remember that excess of everything is bad. Consuming excessive Jaggery, no matter how healthy it is, adds excess calories to your body. So whether you are consuming sugar or organic gur, both should be taken in moderation.

If you are looking for buying a genuine product, Please visit our website Click on the link, get your product, and enjoy the health benefits!