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All You Need to Know About Parchment Paper for Cooking

Are you planning to use that roll of parchment paper for cooking delicious meals this weekend? Wait just until you have known other creative ways to use the wonderful paper for an easy kitchen life. You certainly should not limit yourself to using parchment paper only for baking and that’s exactly what we are here to tell you more about.

Parchment paper is a flexible cooking essential that you will love to have in the kitchen. It has high heat tolerance and does not tear off while cooking which allows you to cook a variety of foods conveniently. Who does not want to enjoy a mess free kitchen life after all? Parchment Paper eases cleanup after you are done with all the cooking if you use it properly.

Which Side of Parchment Paper Goes Up?

Parchment paper is mostly coated with silicone on both the sides so it gets a non stick surface. So, it really does not matter which side of parchment paper goes up or down. You can use any side up and place the food to slide it off right after it has been cooked. You can literally save yourself from greasing the pans each time you bake cookies or brownies. You can still notice a shiny surface when you buy a different parchment paper which is the non stick side. Face this side up to get the best possible baking results. Also, try to use a fresh side whenever you bake using parchment paper.

How to Make a Beautiful Parchment Paper Bag?

Parchment paper is used as a paper bag for cooking food so that the steam is trapped inside. You can choose to add a variety of vegetables along with fish or chicken fillet in the paper bag and prepare a healthy meal without putting in a lot of effort. The only thing you have to do is seal the paper bag properly so that the steam does not escape. Take a piece of paper and fold it in a half. Unfold and arrange the ingredients on one side of the crease leaving space for the folds. Fold the other side to enclose your filling.

Now, it’s time to make the pleats which may seem a bit technical at first but you can easily master the technique with some practice. Start with a triangular fold at one end of the fold and keep folding triangles overlapping the previous ones. Fold and tuck the last fold under the packet so that you have a tight seal. You most probably will have a half moon shaped paper bag prepared if you start with a rectangular folded paper at first. Likewise, you can have different shapes of the bag depending on the shape and size of parchment paper you use. You may also cut the paper initially in a heart shape to form an oval shaped paper bag in the end. You are all set to put the parchment paper bag for cooking in a pan or in the oven. Make sure you follow all the safety tips for using parchment paper safely for food.

More Creative Ways to Use Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is reusable depending on what you are using it for. You may have used it for lining baking sheets and cake pans before but not for pouring ingredients into a mixer. Using parchment paper as a funnel can ease your job as you can mix the ingredients directly to the mixer. Use it as in place of muffin cup if you want to get crafty with the paper. There is a lot more that you can do with parchment paper if you want to prepare meals ahead of time. Making parchment packets is a fun activity enjoy with guests before dinner time so each of them fills their packet as they want. The packets look presentable and whiff off aroma when they are opened up at dinner. You can also use the paper for lining frozen food so it does not stick together. Think of the dish you are preparing and decide how you are going to serve it. Parchment paper can rolled into a cone to hold food items just like it is served in restaurants. Mess free cooking is usually your top priority when you buy parchment paper. Use it freely for catching drips when you are preparing or cooking food for an easy cleanup. It will save you time for presenting the dish beautifully right after it is cooked.

Is Parchment Paper Safe for Cooking?

It is reasonable to consider if parchment paper is safe for cooking or not as it still has a coating. Parchment paper that has been certified as food safe does not migrate components into the food cooked over it. The paper has no impact on the flavor or texture of your food. The bleached and unbleached parchment papers are both available for cooking food but you should still use the unbleached one. It is still better to avoid any kind of paper if you are really concerned about the chemicals you might get exposed to. Simply grease the pans with oil or butter and you are good to go. However, unbleached parchment paper can be your next option whenever you feel like using it.

Are there any other alternatives for parchment paper?

You might have heard a lot about using wax paper, aluminum foil, and silpat paper as a substitute for parchment paper. All papers have varying properties and you can use them depending on what you are going to cook in it. Wax paper is certainly not going to be choice for baking as it will not work in a hot oven. Aluminum foil can withstand heat in the oven but does not have non stick effect. Silpat paper, on the other hand has more properties in similar with parchment paper but will also cost you more. So, you have to choose your paper according to your personal preference keeping all factors in mind. Using different papers on different occasions can work only if you are aware of how to use each of them safely.  

How Does Parchment Paper Make All the Difference?

You’ve probably tried baking or roasting fish in the oven along with a variety of vegetables you like and ended up having them stick onto the oven tray. Baking fish is certainly the right thing you are doing to save all its nutrients but now it’s time to use parchment paper for baking fish the right way. Baked fish retains Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D more than the fish prepared with other cooking methods.

This article will further explain how to fold parchment for fish so you are saved from all the hassle of cleaning up dishes after baking. Folded parchment paper is used as a cooking bag for fish to hold in moisture and retain the tenderness of your food. It is easy to create a neatly folded parchment paper bag for preparing flavorful food on a special dinner. The packet retains all the moisture inside to produce a quick and delicious meal for you to enjoy whatever you crave in a few minutes.

The folding technique is not difficult as it seems but it will certainly need some practice. Make sure you seal the packet strong enough to stay shut and hold all your spices in while cooking. This basically requires pleating each parchment paper individually in a way to close all edges around the food placed over it. Whether it is chicken or a fish fillet you want to bake, you may also add vegetables along with the proteins to prepare the healthiest meal. Go step by step in order to master the paper parchment folding technique and prepare food packed with tons of flavor without putting in much effort.

Open the Parcel Properly

Opening the parcel is just as important as folding it properly to enjoy all what you have locked in inside. Try to be careful as you make a long cut using sharp kitchen shears to open up the edges. The steam will disperse as you open up along the edges and your presentation stays in place.

How to Fold Parchment Paper for Fish?

The size of parchment paper required depends on what you would like to put in the prepared paper bag. It is better to start with a parchment paper that is at least 15 inches wide and 17 inches long. Folding the paper half will give you an idea of where to place food. You should leave 1 inch space to the left of fold to keep the fillet in center of the pouch you are going to fold. Put whatever seasoning and spices you like over the fillet along with any vegetables you want and get ready to lock everything inside the pouch you are going to prepare.
The folding technique should no longer haunt you now as you get an easy way of doing it. Beat an egg and then get a pastry brush in hand to brush it around the three edges of parchment paper. This will seal the piquancy of food you are preparing and ease your cooking life. Now fold the paper to cover whatever filling is inside the packet. This folded packet will look like a simple rectangular wrap but you cannot stop over here as there is more folding to be done ahead. More folds are needed to keep the packet shut until the fillet and ingredients are fully cooked.

Don’t panic as we have the easy folding method for you to start with. Make a triangular fold starting at one end of the packet and push it down. Make another fold overlapping the previously made triangular fold half way through. Continue making pleats along the side you started with. Basically, you are working around the edges of food to lock the food inside. You can make larger pleats as you move along the long side of the packet and shorter ones as you get closer to the end.  Make the last fold and tuck it under the half moon shaped packet very tightly. And you are all set to place the prepared parchment paper packet onto the baking sheet.

There is another way of folding up the parchment paper that requires a bit of cutting and folding. Fold the paper in half and cut it into a heart shape. Now start making folds using the same technique explained above. This method might end up in a smaller parchment paper bag as you had initially cut the paper into a heart but both serve the same purpose and are super easy to seal your food tightly within.

Why Should You Use Parchment Paper?

You do not need to add any fats or oils when you prepare the food wrapped up in a parchment paper. This is exactly what makes you want to use it. The variety of vegetables to cook in parchment paper pouches is truly endless but you need to be really careful while slicing them so they are cooked quickly. Baking fish in a parchment paper does not allow it to stick onto the oven tray. Moreover, it is super easy and tasty way to prepare flavorful meals ahead of time without any mess.

What Else to Add onto the Parchment Paper?

The options for having parchment wrapped dinners are endless if you are a seasoned cook who also hates dishes. You certainly do not need to add a lot of ingredients when you are using parchment paper for fish or chicken. Toss a few spices and sauces over the fillet placed on the parchment paper and lock in the piquant flavors by folding the parcels properly. Choose spring vegetables, baked potatoes, zucchini, spaghetti, mushrooms, rice, spinach, or eggs to complement fish or chicken fillet. The dish has an amazing look to impress your guests with the effortless presentation. Parchment paper is non stick and perfect for use as a baking tray liner, muffin cup liner, snack cones, baked goods wraps, and layering goods for storage. So, you are just not limited to using parchment paper for baking in the oven as you have plenty other ways to light up your creativity.

How to Cook Fish in Parchment Paper

What Makes Parchment Paper Safe for Cooking?

What comes to your mind first when you think of using parchment paper for cooking purpose? Is it food safety that you are concerned most about or the flavor and texture of food you cook with it? Here we are going to discuss some of the reasons why parchment paper is worth having in your kitchen.

 Parchment paper is treated with sulfuric acid to make it greaseproof and heat resistant. Non stick properties can also be achieved by coating the paper with silicone on both sides so you don’t have to worry about which side of the paper goes up. Although parchment paper is more widely used for baking, you can still use it safely for wrapping cakes, sifting flour, coating food, cupcake liners, folding cooking pouches, and even steaming food.

Is it Good for Non toxic Baking?

Looking ahead to lead a healthier and toxin free lifestyle may direct your concern on cookware as the cooking surface may leach chemicals into food. While small amounts of chemicals may not pose a major health risk, it may still put you in doubt. It is therefore best to use safest pans for cooking and baking to minimize any hidden dangers. Even the non stick pans have a potential toxic coating which releases harmful chemicals when heated. The pans wear down with time and the non stick layer begins to scratch off which ends up sticking on to the food you cook in it. You are most likely to face this issue with all bake ware which is why you should be looking for non toxic alternatives. Does that mean parchment paper is a good alternative for safe baking? Yes, you got that right.

Is it Good for Non toxic Baking

You may use parchment paper as a disposable non stick surface for baking purpose so you do not have to struggle with oiling bake ware pans. Now, you may still have a concern while you put your food onto the parchment paper for cooking as the paper has a coating. The unbleached parchment paper is untreated which makes it an ideal option for you to use. However, bleached parchment paper contains toxic dioxins so it is safer to use the unbleached parchment paper for cooking. The unbleached parchment paper is a bit more expensive when compared with the bleached paper but it is still worth using for all your cooking needs. Make sure the paper does not come in contact with heating element of the cooking medium you choose.

Safety Tips for Using Parchment Paper in Oven

Parchment paper has unique properties but should not come in direct contact with any heating element that can catch fire. Parchment paper is still a paper which should also not be exposed directly to a flame. It is certain that the paper is not flame retardant which is why you need to be extremely careful while putting it in the oven. Although the paper withstands high heat up to 450F, it can burn very well if it heated above the recommended temperature. Trim the excess edges of paper to avoid igniting it in the oven.

Take care of the parchment paper size when you are using it in the electric oven. The paper should not touch the heating element or else it may not handle the temperature which is too high.

Try not to use the same parchment paper more than three times as it may disintegrate and affect your food badly. Also, dispose of the previously smoked paper pieces as they may ruin your food.

Is Parchment Paper Safe for Microwave Oven?

Microwave oven is commonly used for reheating leftovers and preparing instant food. Parchment paper can be used for cooking food in packets while you should also prevent overheating food. Also, be careful about wrapping up food tightly with the parchment paper folded around so it does not get blown away.

Can we Use Parchment Paper in the Toaster Oven?

Toaster ovens are smaller in size than the electric ones and you should be more careful when using parchment paper for cooking food in it. The paper might touch the walls of the oven if you do not trim it properly. You can still wrap up your food items in parchment paper pouches to cook them on the cooking tray.

Ever Thought About Using Parchment Paper in Air Fryers

The use of parchment paper in air fryers is more common than you have thought. The paper should however be tucked into the basket properly to ensure that it does not pose fire hazard. It is better to use perforated parchment paper so that the heat circulates properly.

Is Parchment Paper Safer than Other Materials

Parchment paper may get a bit dark in color when you use it for baking but it does not catch fire even if exposed to prolonged heat. The superior properties of parchment paper make it safe and suitable for cooking whatever you like. You should always know about alternatives to use in place of parchment paper if you do not have it. Wax paper, aluminum foil, and silpat paper can be used as substitutes depending on how you want to cook your food as these do not provide all properties of parchment paper.

Wax paper provides a great non stick surface but cannot be used for baking as it does not resist high heat. It can however be used as a cheap alternative of parchment paper where heat is not required. Likewise, aluminum can be used as a replacement for parchment paper but it does not have non stick characteristics. You can still use aluminum foil as a liner for plating desserts and steaming veggies. The silpat paper is somehow very similar to parchment paper and can be used as its replacement. It may cost you more than parchment paper but it works as a baking mat and is more durable. Moreover, the silpat paper can be used a thousand times after cleaning it up with a solution and water.


It rests perfectly in your baking tray, waiting there to turn your batter in a golden crispy mountain of tastefulness that could sooth your taste buds. Sometimes you would use it to the extent that you run out of it at the time you need it the most. What would you do then, as no baking recipe is complete without it? Just a simple thing yet totally unignorable; this is parchment paper.

Parchment papers have been around since the early modern baking. It evolved with the time, just like the baking techniques, till it became such an important essential for it that no one can imagine baking without it. Reuse of Parchment papers are multifunction grease proof and heat resistant papers that could be used to not only bake things, even in ovens, but they could also be used as wrapping papers for food to save it from dust and to let it remain fresh.

These papers, also called baking papers, save you from messy and untidy utensils as you are not cooking directly on the baking tray itself, but on the paper. Moreover, you don’t need to apply extra ounces of grease or butter on the base of your cooking pan to prevent sticking of your batter with it. Just put the batter on the paper and let the magic begin.



Parchment papers usually come with a layer of silicone and have a high resistance to high temperatures. These papers are amazingly resistant to high temperatures and can tolerate up to 450 Degree Fahrenheit.


There are several alternative options available when you get short of parchment papers, but none of them come up to its mark. The most widely used are wax papers and aluminum foil, but both have their pros and cons. In a situation when you need to bake your cookies, cakes or anything else, and you can’t seem to find a parchment paper, both of these could prove helpful. But a problem that might irritate you would be extra amount of waxing on the baking tray, and paying extra care to prevent burning of wax paper from overheating. Moreover, foil sheets could get overheated and could cause some serious burns if not handled properly. Aluminum foils are non-stick as well, so there is always a fear of food sticking to the base of your pans.


Reuse of Parchment papers are extremely helpful when it comes to fast and handy cooking. You can cut them in any shape and any size, and it is good to go.


As you can use it the way you like, reuse of parchment papers have become a top choice for home chefs who are always ready to cook something. Most of the times, it would not be limited to the baking alone, and is used for tons of other purposes. This extreme all-round helpfulness makes is more beneficial for everyday use and for use outside the home, either when you are having a burger or a hotdog, or you are enjoying your sandwich. Parchment paper will save your food retaining the original crisp of it, till it reaches your mouth.

What can I use instead of parchment paper?

Parchment paper is a cellulose-based paper that is being coated to make it non-sticky. It is utilized in preparing as an expendable non-stick surface. It ought to not be befuddled with wax paper or waxed paper, which is paper that has been coated in wax. It is commonly used in baking and cooking as it is heat resistant and makes the surface non-stick. If the parchment paper is not available, then there are many other substitutes for parchment paper. A few of them are listed below with an explanation.

Substitute for Parchment Paper

The most common substitutes for parchment paper are:

  1. Wax Paper
  2. Paper bag
  3. Silicone baking mat 
  4. Aluminum Paper
  5. Silpat Paper 
  6. Cooking spray
Substitute for Parchment Paper

Wax Paper 

Wax paper is used for storing, wrapping, or presenting food. Waxed paper can be a great substitution for parchment paper in case your reason for utilizing does not have things to do with high heat. Because it has low-melting-point there for it is not good for baking. For example, if you are baking a cake then there is a chance that chocolate may melt. Wax paper, however, can be an awesome substitute for parchment paper. it can be much supportive to roll out the mixture, lining the heating container, making a no-bake cake, beating meat into cutlets, layering a few things, clean, and many more.

Paper bag

Since the parchment paper is used for cooking, baking, and wrapping food so the paper bag can be used as a substitute for parchment paper. Paper bag is good for wrapping food. Utilizing the paper bag will be an incredible thought if your reason is to wrap anything. Don’t utilize it for cooking or baking since it includes exceptionally low burning temperature. The use of the paper bag for wrapping kitchen items is now becoming trendy and environment friendly.

Silicone Baking Mat

Silicone baking mat is commonly known as Silpat within the market. It could be a well-known choice among the family units and commercials bakers since of its longevity and reusability. You can reuse this mat repeatedly within the future for different purposes. Whether you employ it for cooking or preparing, you cannot go off-base with this choice. Since it is made of silicone, it gives a non-stick surface.

Aluminum Paper

Aluminum foil may be an awesome elective since it is reasonable, adaptable, as well as reliable. It performs much better heat transfer. The adaptability of the aluminum foil permits the clients to lift the food and release them without any bother. You’ll be able to do fast cleaning much obliged to the adaptable character of the foil.

Silpat Paper 

Silpat paper is additionally called the baking mat. As the title recommends, it works for the heating strategy. This mat is more exorbitant than material paper. Made of silicone, it is more solid and keeps going longer than the parchment paper. Hence, it is also a good substitute for parchment paper.

Cooking spray for non-stick pan

Cooking spray – the routine way of non-stick pan

If you cannot decide on any of the above options, you can utilize cooking spray. The cooking spray can be a great coat that avoids your fixings from staying in your dish or molds. So, don’t feel blameworthy to utilize cooking spray once you are running out of parchment paper.

Thus, all the options provided above are the best substitute for parchment paper. If you run out of parchment paper feel free to use those amazing options.