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Everything You Need To Know About Kids Face Coverings During The Pandemic

It has been two years since we are in a pandemic that has caused health havoc across the world. As you all may remember, there was a strict lockdown imposed during 2020 to minimize the social contact among people so that COVID-19 could be stopped from spreading. It was a great idea that saved the world on many grounds. However, things are getting better now. Scientists have developed vaccines and many countries have uplifted the lockdown to a great extent. Schools, restaurants, picnic points, offices, everything is almost reopening. However, healthcare providers and researchers still urge the public to observe social distancing and wear masks since the disease has been not eliminated yet!

The greatest concern of the current time is children. This is because they are too young to be vaccinated and thus need to take greater precautions to avoid the disease contact. We’ve been receiving a lot of requests regarding guidelines for kids wearing masks. Parents are confused that whether the children should wear a mask and what type is good for them. So, here we bring you answers to your FAQs. Have a look!  

Children and face masks

If your child is not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, they must wear a mask especially if they’re going out of the house for any purpose. Children who are 2 and above can safely wear masks provided that they don’t have any special health conditions. Kids under 2 years of age are not advised to wear masks because of the risk of suffocation. Also, they are very young and can’t remove masks on their own thus any mishap could be expected. Therefore, it is safe not to make them wear masks. 

The ones wearing masks should wear them at schools, children’s care, camps, outdoor sports, etc. They should not only wear masks but also maintain a safe distance from their fellows. Parents are strictly said to instruct them on social distancing and see if they’re doing the needful. If you’re taking your child to a grocery store or if he/she is traveling with you publically, a mask is a must! If your child is medically fragile, we recommend you keep them home with someone who can take care of them well.

Make your child stand before the mirror and teach them properly how to wear a mask. If they are scared to wear one, make them comfortable. To serve the purpose, you can put a mask on their favorite toy animal or you can decorate their mask with their favorite cartoon or book character prints. Many companies can get you personalized masks for your children. Last but not the least, practice wearing a mask before your children so they could understand its importance. Talk about the potential risks and focus on the healthy part so your child knows about both sides of the picture.    

The safest mask for children

One popular concern is which mask type is safe for the children to wear. Well, our answer to this will be WWDOLL KN95 kids masks by is the best for children. They are available in multiple colors and are super breathable, disposable KN95 masks for children. The size of the WWDOLL KN95 kids faces masks is ideal for all children and offers comfortable wear. Plus these masks have 5 layers of protection and thus provide 95% protection against airborne germs. If you are looking forward to buying masks for your child, get this one from Trust us, you won’t regret the purchase!