Made with Love Week – Sweet, Savory and Tart Popcorn

Today is Tuesday and that means “Kids Can Cook Toosday”!

In connection with “Made with Love Week” my kids will be helping me in the kitchen with a popcorn treat and Kacey, from Stay at Home Artist, has a fun Valentine printable for them to color.

My family has a bit of an ongoing addiction to popcorn. We enjoyed it growing up and we continue to enjoy it as adults! Apparently I have passed this “lust” for popcorn onto my children. They love popcorn and at the slightest mention of it they begin to drool. It makes a great after school snack and extremely budget friendly!

I imagine that is how it became a favorite snack of my mothers, who grew up with 4 other siblings, when she was a little girl. She distinctly remembers my grandmother (her mother) making popcorn in a large lid-covered kettle on the stove on numerous occasions. Before the wondrous age of microwaves and air poppers that was how it was done. Many people still make it that way and our family happens to be one however we use a stove top popcorn popper.

The first stove top popcorn popper was purchased by my father for my mother (undoubtingly because he knew her love of it was so fierce) and so the tradition began. That original popcorn popper lasted for about 20 years until it became so thin on the bottom that it cracked. It was quickly replaced with quite a fortuitous find at an antique shop and so the tradition continues.

My mother is by far the best popcorn popper there is and I hope someday my children will say the same about me. When I brought up the idea of a Valentine’s Day snack for their friends I wasn’t surprised when popcorn topped the list! We concocted a sweet, savory, and tart white chocolate popcorn treat that should tickle every child’s taste buds!

Now head on over to Stay at Home Artist to print your Valentine Card!


  1. Ooh, I’m so addicted to popcorn. Would love to try it the old fashioned way sometime! Thanks for the friend add on FoodBuzz!

    • Budget Gourmet Mom says:

      Charissa…be careful…it is terribly addicting! I forgot to mention in the post to make sure you add salt to the popcorn. The saltiness with the sweetness of the chocolate is divine!

  2. These look delicious – Love all the dried fruit!

    • Budget Gourmet Mom says:

      Thank you! The dried fruit really is a great contrast to the salty popcorn and sweet chocolate. Hope you enjoy!

  3. Camille Brady says:

    I must be hungry- because I just want to eat the computer screen with all these delish treats!


  1. […] am kinda a sucker for sweet and salty snacks.  Popcorn is my ultimate weakness as you can read here.  Cover it with something sweet and you’ve got a killer movie night […]

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