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June 2021

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N95 masks should no longer be reused, FDA says

The ration and reuse of N95 face masks made in USA are about to end. This is because the Joe Biden administration is taking quick steps toward ending the emergency which has caused hospitals and healthcare organizations to do so.

N95 face masks present the first line of defense between the deadly COVID-19 and the frontline workers fighting against it. Since they were highly in demand, the supply went short and people were advised to use the masks for an extended time. Proper guidelines were generated and circulated for providers to ration, clean, and reuse disposable personal protective equipment. The doctors and nurses were issued an N95 mask once a week which was to be tossed after every patient. However, this extended use and reuse of N95 masks triggered inadequate protection and resulted in the death of thousands of medical care providers. They were exposed and infected to the virus because the reused masks didn’t ensure enough safety. 

The situation, nowadays, is much stable. Many American manufacturers claim that they have a vast or surplus amount of masks for sales and can provide the hospitals and health organizations with stockpiles for almost 3-12 months. Since there is enough supply of N95 face masks made in USA, the government has asked the medical personnel to return to one mask per patient.

The US FDA is strongly recommending people to transit away from conservation strategies used during the crisis. However, reusing and sterilizing N95 manufactured in USA was still legal and permitted. In the coming days, the FDA is expected to issue updates and revert to single-use every day. The American population can practice contingency and conventional strategies like using the mask during one interaction and disposing it off later.           

CEOs from the biggest N95 mask manufacturing brands have told media that N95 and other personal protective equipment are mostly designed for single-use and are never recommended for reusing from patients to patients. Therefore, extended use and that too when the infection rate is at its peak is never a safe idea.

Government officials and manufacturers are now working hand-in-hand to address the outcomes of the PPE shortage in America. They are trying hard to ensure that such a situation never pops up in the future and if it does, the healthcare staff must be provided with a good backup supply. So that, we don’t have to give up on the lives of our frontline fighters.

During the shortage of masks, many startups emerged and took over the market like a pro! ALG health is one of them. It was a startup initiated with the sole aim of meeting the high demand for N95 face masks made in USA.  Their product is famous as “Patriot Mask” and is of high quality ensuring high safety. The variety of masks by ALG health is good enough to provide you with an extensive product range to choose from. If you’re looking to buy some genuine face masks with 95% or more efficiency, ALG health is your go-to retailer.     


5 Important Features of LED Parking Lot Lights

LED lighting solutions are affordable and can be installed easily to produce brighter illumination. A well lit parking lot consumes plenty of energy every night which adds up to exorbitant expenses when inefficient lights are installed. The best LED parking lot lights can save more than half utility and maintenance costs. Selecting the right lighting solution for specific purpose makes a big difference in how light will be distributed from light fixtures. There are numerous other reasons to get best LED lights installed for illuminating large outdoor spaces.

Parking lot lights are more commonly used as all purpose lights with a wide range of application in public areas. Patriot LED has numerous lighting options in reasonable prices to fulfill all your needs. They offer top notch lighting solutions to ensure that their clients do not have to stress over it. The wide range of best LED parking lot lights include LED street light, LED solar light, area light, LED roadway light, garden bollard light, and Led landscape light.

Correlated Color Temperature

The color temperature of lights makes them glow differently. Some lights produce warm reddish orange light while other lights are cooler and bluish white in color. Parking lot lights secure the entire area for customers and employees to enter and leave the premises safely. A properly lit parking area discourages robbers and scoundrels from hiding anywhere in dark spots. It is therefore wise to choose the best LED parking lot lights for ideal lighting without compromising on safety. Huge empty spaces are prone to criminal activities at night when it is quiet and dark. LED lights brighten up large outdoor spaces to ensure that the brightness correlates daylight.

Color Rendering Index

LED lights produce lumens that are much more similar to daylight when compared to other traditional lighting solutions. The color rendering index rates the light output in comparison with daylight. A higher CRI rating ensures that the illumination will be much closer to natural light.

Light Distribution

Ideal light distribution also accounts for an exceptional BUG rating to control light pollution. The light should not be directed to undesirable areas to waste energy or cause interrupted lighting output. BUG rating takes backlight, up light, and glare into account and calculates ideal illumination characteristics for various lights. Glare is undesirable in both indoor and outdoor spaces as it reduces the brightness and wastes high quality lumens with hindered illumination. LED parking lot lights are specifically designed to cover up all these key factors for illuminating large outdoor spaces. It is therefore best to choose the most suitable lights from the range of outdoor area lights.

Heat Distribution

LED lights are characterized by some key factors which also includes heat mitigation. The housing of LED light fixtures should not allow the operating temperature to rise above the limit or else the lighting efficiency will decrease. Heat emission is an important factor to control when designing lighting fixtures so they can operate ideally even in warmer climates. Parking lot lights are installed in outdoor spaces and are exposed to hot and cold climates. LED technology has a solution for both weathers which makes them ideal for application in most areas.


LED lights do not produce any hazardous emissions as compared to traditional HID and mercury lights. The environmental friendly properties of LED lights protect us from UV radiation as well. The lights do not require special steps for disposal as the housing does not burst. All the factors make LED lighting solutions best for high quality output with increased efficiency and controls.

Health & Medical,

6 Tips To Select Best N95 Face Mask Made In the USA

Can you imagine yourself without a face mask? Did you ever imagine that face masks will gain this much importance in a short period? Well, No one ever imagined. Before 2019 life was smooth, everyone was busy in their lives, and then suddenly a wave of corona destroyed everything. It changed our lifestyle. Face masks that were neglected before are now the most important part of our life. They are probably the only cost-effective option to save ourselves from Covid19. From 2019 to the present face masks have played an important role in controlling this deadly disease. Covid19 made the use of face masks so important that everyone is busy finding the best quality masks. So, if you are in search of the best N95 particulate respirator made in the USA then is the best option to go for. We aim to provide the best quality face masks made in the USA to our medical workers, industrialist, and first responders. 

Tips to select N95 masks made in the USA

If you are thinking to buy the best N95 masks made in the USA then here few recommendations you must consider before buying.

  • Fluid resistance
  • Multiple layers of fabrics
  • Bacterial filtration
  • Proper fit
  • Reusable 
  • Easy breath
  • NIOSH approved

Fluid resistance 

This performance metric gives a general detail of N95 masks against the fluid. It tells the capability of your mask to resist fluids that can cause the virus. If your masks pass this test then go for it. provides the best N95 face masks made in the USA.

Multiple layers of fabrics

The second thing to consider the layers of fabrics on masks. Experts suggest that multiple layers of fabrics on face masks help in better filtration. As Covid19 spread through contiguous particles entering the human body through respiration. So, it is better to buy the best N95 face masks made in the USA as they fulfill this criterion. 

Bacterial filtration

They can filter bacterial particles of size ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 micron. Covid19 spreads through harmful air particles entering your body. So, is it important to keep in mind that the mask you are buying is capable of protecting bacterial particles or not? So, go and grab the best N95 face masks made in the USA.

Proper fit

Facemasks are always with us nowadays. So, buying a face mask is not enough to keep yourself protected. It is good to buy a mask that properly fits on your face so you can wear them easily.


It is important to keep in mind that the mask you are buying is reusable or not. As we wear face masks daily so it is not possible to buy them daily. So, if the masks are reusable it helps in saving money and time. You can get the best N95 face masks made in the USA from which are reusable.

Easy breath

The government has ordered us to wear a face mask whenever anyone steps out of the home. Therefore, it is important to buy face masks that cause no breathing difficulty. N95 face masks made in the USA are designed in such a way that they cause no difficulty in breathing.

NIOSH approved

NIOSH-approved masks are safe and reliable as they are tested in the laboratory and if they succeed in fulfilling the safety criteria’s they are sent to market for use. So, supplies the best N95 face masks made in the USA which are NIOSH approved.