Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats {Egg and Nut Free}

I wish I could say I thought of this first buuuuuut I didn’t.

When I first read Sommer’s post I thought “Oh, these sound wonderful.  I bet {hubby} would love these.”  You see, he is a way bigger fan of peppermint than I am.  I am more of a chocolate girl myself which will come into play a bit later.

That was the end of that until yesterday I was setting up for a church dinner and they mentioned they were short on dessert.  Well that just CAN NOT happen and being the gracious and giving person that I am {insert smirk} I of course offered to make something.

My original plan was to make the peanut butter version until I remembered my splurge at the grocery store earlier.

These are a splurge for the simple fact that I paid $1 more for someone else to crush the candy canes for me.  It was worth every penny.

Once I got home and got the kids fed and settled I went to the pantry to grab some marshmallows to find none.  I did not want another Chocolate-Pumpkin Pie experience and I was not about to go to the store for a bag of marshmallows.  Thank goodness for Google and marshmallow creme.

I hardly ever use marshmallow creme so I don’t know why it was in there except for the fact that I bought it and hardly ever use it.  Weird how that comes in handy.  Now I just need to remember to buy more for the next time I don’t have marshmallows handy.

The recipe below is the version with marshmallow creme but you can check out Sommer’s post for the marshmallow version and for a super cute idea if you don’t want to make bars!

NOTE: If you are using the marshmallow creme make sure it is egg free!!!  The lovely Danielle informed me that it does have egg in it so I grabbed the jar I just bought {to replace the one I just used cuz you never know when you’re gonna need it} and it does indeed list egg whites as the fourth ingredient.  If you need to prepare an egg free version make sure you have real marshmallows on hand and prepare the rice krispies per Sommer’s recipe above.


  1. Yum! I’m in love with peppermint everything.

  2. We are opposite – my husband doesn’t like peppermint! These sound so good, and I’ve never seen rice krispies with marshmallow creme!

  3. Ooh, what fun! And now that Rice Krispie’s come in gluten free, I can make this. YAY!

  4. Haven’t made rice krispie treats in sooo long. I love the festive twist!

  5. Great idea using the marshmallow cream. Like you, I seem to have marshmallow cream on hand more often than I do actual marshmallows. I think it is because I buy it with good intentions to use it for Christmas treats, but just don’t around to it. So, the marshmallow cream sits there pretty much forgotten in the pantry until…well…forever!

  6. These are adorable. I love new ides for rice krispie treats!

  7. What a fantastic idea!!! I just showed them to my teenage son and he said, “I didn’t know that rice krispie treats didn’t have to have peanut butter. Are you making these tomorrow?” Maybe!

  8. Love this! I have to find a bag of crushed peppermint, brilliant! I think these treats would be a huge hit around here. And ya know? I don’t think I’ve ever used marshmallow creme!

  9. I Love this!! I am a true peppermint lover as well! I must say though that most marshmallow creme DOES have egg in it. Was yours egg free? I only know because my sweet baby girl is allergic to eggs and nuts…I am always bummed when I cant buy marshmallow creme…

  10. I’m making these this weekend for me and my husband’s coworkers. I can’t wait!

  11. OMG- these were soooo good! Only instead of using Marshmallows, I used a 7.5 oz jar of Fluff. It’s so much easier to handle and stays moist longer afterwards. Now my goto Rice Krispies Treat recipe.


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