Chocolate Peppermint Whoopie Pies

You need more dessert in your life.

I decided at the last minute to make these.

Most of the time I plan out my recipes and have all the ingredients on hand.  Okay, there was that one time I didn’t have what I needed.

This time I needed to head to the store to get some peppermint extract so after the boys were done with wrestling yesterday I dropped them off at home with Mr.  I was definitely not passing up this chance to shop alone.

I only had a few things on my list.  I left the store with more than that.  Of course.  The only thing I didn’t get {the whole reason I went shopping} was peppermint extract.

Don’t they know I wait until the last possible second to buy something I’m out of!?

Apparently not.  Dang.  And everyone else in a 20 mile radius wanted the same thing.  They got there first.  Dang.

Next time I’ll be more prepared.  Maybe.

I prepared the filling with vanilla extract since I had no choice.  They were still irresistible.



  1. These look so tasty! I love how fluffy the filling looks!

  2. Oh my husband would love these! I made Pumpkin whoopie pies at Thanksgiving, this would be great to add to my repertoire of whoopie pie recipes!

  3. Hey Krista, your Whoopie Pies is a Recipe Guessing Game on Knapkins. Think your friends can win?

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