Peppermint Joe-Joe Truffles

I know.  Christmas is over.  What’s with the peppermint!?

If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby they should have these Peppermint Joe-Joe’s ON SALE.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  Plus, these truffles taste like thin mints.  Girl Scout not necessary.

Ever since my sister started working for TJ’s I’ve been addicted to these.  The first time she used these to make Oreo Truffles I’ve been even more addicted.

One problem.  I live 600 miles away from TJ’s.  I had mr. smuggle these for me in his luggage on his last trip.  And Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds with Sea Salt.  Swoon.  Isn’t he a sweetie!?

Of course he got first dibs on these when I made them for Christmas.  They would be just as good for a New Year’s Eve party.  So.  Yummy.


  1. Not only do they look very tasty, but they’re so damn pretty!

  2. hey, peppermint is not just for Christmas anymore! 😉

    (I’m saying this not only because these truffles would rock my socks ANY day of the year, but also because I’ve got something candy cane themed coming up tomorrow!) 😀

  3. We need a TJs here asap, don’t we??!!

  4. These are fun & jo-jo’s rock! Happy new year!

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