Buttermilk Syrup

I want to make a million bazillion gallons of this then take a bath in it.

After this week I deserve it.

There is not a word in the English language that could possibly describe the elation I feel with the fact that today is Friday.

Which is why I’m going to soak in tub full of syrup until my fingers get all pruney then slowly eat my way out of it with french toast sticks.  TMI?

The only thing stopping me, other than the fact that this stuff is extremely sticky, is the fact that I just don’t have the energy to make that many batches.  Dang.

This week I have been up to my neck in cookies, up to my eyeballs in work, and what’s left of me is dedicated to shuffling the kids to and from school and activities.

My house is a disaster.  I haven’t slept a straight 6 hours since…ummm, 2004 I think.  And I’m pretty sure that 50% of my body is made up of Diet Coke right now.

This weekend I am going to ignore the mess.  Take a nap…or 5.  And drink so much water that I’ll have to pee every 5 minutes.

Oh.  And make just one batch of this syrup.  Just enough to bathe a couple pieces of french toast in.


  1. I’ve had “make buttermilk syrup” on my baking list for months. Time to dig in!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend! You’re stressing me out! Sleeeeeeeppppp 🙂

  2. good lord I want a bath in this too. 🙂

  3. Yeah, a bath in this sounds pretty darn inviting. (Actually, now that I think of it, a bath in anything sounds pretty wonderful. 5 minutes of alone time sounds wonderful… 🙂 )

  4. I had no idea you could make a syrup like this out of buttermilk. I could see why you would want to bathe in it….

  5. This looks really good, and I’ve got leftover buttermilk in my fridge, so I think I’ll try it tomorrow. One question: what does the baking soda do? Other than make bubbles? Why is it in there?

  6. Just made Oatmeal Blackberry-Orange Pancakes this morning, would’ve been perfect with them!

  7. I’ve never heard of buttermilk syrup but it looks amazing!

  8. Jersey Girl Cooks says:

    Delicious syrup! I think it would be a little to sticky for me to bathe in. You crack me up! Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

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