Almond Joy Bars

The cutest thing happened the other day.

And it wasn’t these bars…although these are incredibly cute.  And delicious.

We have a large tub in our master bathroom so it’s where we bathe our two younger boys.  We have much more room and so do they.  Win-Win.

My 18 month old happens to LOVE taking a bath.

He will stay in there until his fingers get pruney, the water is cold, and it is way past his bedtime.  Unfortunately for him his mother, moi, doesn’t think that’s such a good idea.

So, the other evening {same as always} here I come to ruin his good time.  I start to clean up the toys and drain the water.  By this time he knows exactly what is coming and he protesting, loudly, at his inevitable yank from the tub.

I stand him up to wrap his towel around him and…

off he runs, still screaming, out of the bathroom.  He didn’t get too far though.

You see, our bed happens to be right next to the door to the bathroom and he ran smack right into that thing, landing on his back, dripping wet.  Still screaming.  Although at this point I don’t know if he is screaming because he fell down or because I took him out of the bath which is now completely empty of water.

I could hardly pick his slippery body up to console him because I was laughing so hard.

Of course, after removing him from his favorite place, laughing at him, and making him lay still so I could get him dressed I felt pretty bad so I did what any other mother who wanted to buy their children’s love would do.

I gave him dessert.


  1. I love your story. I can totally relate. And this looks like another good recipe!

  2. Love the bars! Mmm!

  3. We have some bath lovers at our house too. This looks like a well deserved treat for me after having wrestled them out of the tub, into jammies and into bed. 🙂

  4. My favorite candy bar!! Mmmm! I will have to make these!

  5. such a fun recipe ~ LOVE almond joy bars 🙂

  6. Haha – too cute, the image in my mind. Thanks for the smile and bringing back great memories of my boys who are now grown men. Great idea for the bars.

    • Thanks Jennifer…and you’re welcome! It made me chuckle again too. Just playing it over and over again in my mind…hilarious! He is such a little stinker but they grow so fast.

  7. Sounds like my daughter – she loves bath time!! And I’m pretty sure I’d love these bars – YUM!

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