10 Minute Vegetable Medley Pasta + My Epic Battle

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to “potty talk” anymore?

I lied.

I write about real life here and lately my life has been revolving around the potty.  Yesterday Little Squirt got whatever Little Buddy had and I spent the day serving as his on-call cuddle bunny which I didn’t mind in the least.  Having time in between those cuddle-fests, diaper changes, and back rubs was my problem.

Do you remember two weeks ago when I started the Green Giant Veg Pledge when I said I would vow to eat more vegetables!?

Since then we have experienced spring break where I was running in every direction, stressed about my t.v. appearance, trying to get every errand done possible AND have fun before kids and mr went back to school/work.  We are now in the midst of my epic battle known as “Armageddon-puked on” and the last thing on my mind is hmmm, I think I’ll have some more veggies.

Lucky for me the Green Giant Veg Pledge did in fact spur me on to fit more vegetables in my diet.  Did I get the full cup I was aiming for EVERY day?  No.
Did I make a more conscious choice to add veggies where I could?  Yes.

I call that a success.

And it couldn’t have come sooner.  With all these sick kids at home the extra vitamins and minerals are sure to help my immune system.  Plus, I just feel better when I know I’m getting the vegetables I need.  It’s like a pat on the back, woohoo, you go girl!  Yes.  I do rock.

Today when I was looking for a quick fix for lunch and may have reached for a frozen low cal diet meal but I made my own instead.  I am actually kinda freakin out about this because I made enough for 3 separate meals, in 10 minutes, and spent about $4.  And did I mention it was between the battle of the bulge in diaperville and the crusade at the porcelain throne?

You can totally do this.  Make it the night before work.  Stick it in the fridge.  Toss it in your brief case on your way to work.  Reheat.  Eat.  Happy tummy.

I shared a few other posts during my two week challenge.  Italian Grilled Cheese {a fabulous way to disguise spinach} and Sweet and Spicy Pork Stir-Fry. Now it’s your turn!  Take a few of my ideas and run with them.  The Green Giant Steamers make it super easy.  No more excuses!

Disclosure: I received coupons for Green Giant vegetables and a stipend as part of the Tastemaker program with Foodbuzz and Green Giant.  My opinions and stories are my own.  I really am just like you and need more vegetables in my life.  


  1. What a great meal. I love quick and simple!

    • Thanks Cassie! I loved how simple it was too. I’ll probably be whipping that up again to have on hand during busy weeks since everything can be proportioned ahead of time.

  2. Aww, hope your troops are feeling better!

  3. Wonderful fast, easy and delicious meal! Great idea!

  4. Looks really filling and delicious!

  5. YUM! Looks like a great lunch!


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