Creamy Shredded Beef Flautas

I have started writing this post 3 times now.

It’s unusual for me to be lacking in words but tonight I am.  Today was a good day.

A really good day.

Does this mean I’m totally in for it tomorrow?  Probably.  My children have three different places they need to be all around the same time.  I’m ready.  Bring it on.

That’s okay.  Tomorrow as I’m chauffeuring everyone around I will remember today and smile.  Not only did the day go rather smoothly but the recipe I was whipping up for dinner did too.  Something about coming up with a good recipe on a whim makes me insanely happy.  And when said recipe gets devoured at the dinner table with nary a peep…pure, unadulterated, joy.  If I could figure out a way to bottle it I could almost guarantee world peace.

While world peace may be a lofty goal peace around the dinner table is not a far stretch.  Not only can you achieve peace at dinner but you can do it in under 30 minutes.  Promise.

Remember that roast from Sunday dinner!?  Save two cups of meat and whip up these flautas in no time.  You could call them taquitos if you want but I worked at a Mexican restaurant years {and years} ago and people always called them ta-kwee-tos.  The word will never be same again.  And so flautas.  Pronounced fla-oo-tas.

Whatever you choose to call them is fine by me, just as long as get in my belly.

And Little Squirt’s belly.  That’s him running past my shot after he tried to sneak one.


  1. I love the creamyness of these, they look delicious!

  2. Sooo, I’ve never had Flautas before, but my husband orders them when he goes to Chevy’s and he said it’s his next Mexican Food Conquest. I’ll be a pinning these for my man! Good luck with your errands today 🙂

  3. Hi Krista! I love following your blog. I know even before I read the recipe, it’ll be a winner. That’s why I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. More information is available here: Thanks for all the recipes and menus!

  4. Mmmm! I love flautas! I haven’t made a good flauta in a while! I am going to pin these so I can make them soon! Thanks girlie!

  5. I now want these for dinner tomorrow, and I vote for YOU to make them for me!

    Looking forward to meeting you at Camp Blogaway!

  6. Love the creaminess from the cream cheese, I could eat the whole entire batch! Love your photos too!

  7. These sound yummy! Love your blog and have been pinning your great recipes…

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