Playing Hooky

Today was a movie day.

This was the view outside our window today and despite the fact that yesterday was a holiday we needed a day off.


You know. The kind where you drop everything and play hooky.  Somehow those seem to be more fulfilling because you know there are things you should be doing but just done want to.

When my oldest came to me and asked to watch a movie I said sure, thinking that would be a perfect time to get some work done.  In a split second decision I thought I’m gonna pop some popcorn and just hang out with them.

Best decision ever.

Will I regret this decision tonight at 1 am while I catch up on all the things that didn’t get done today?  No.  I may need an extra diet coke or two tomorrow.

The fact of the matter is those emails that are so important will be there tomorrow.  Those pictures that need to be edited aren’t going anywhere.  All the posts that need to be written and recipes developed can wait.

Now is the time your kids are young.  Enjoy it.

Is this permission to play hooky?  Yes.  Just don’t tell them I told you so.


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