Cocoa Almond Butter and Apple Grahamwiches

I’ve learned a valuable lesson with regards to sending food with my kids to school.


One, pick your battles.  If I send them with carrot sticks and a sandwich the carrot sticks will get thrown away.  They will attempt to eat the sandwich but they are preoccupied with the fact that all their friends are running off to play.

Two, let them buy school lunch once in awhile.  I’ve been pleased with the changes being made to ensure our kids get healthier lunches at school.  I still like to make their lunches just for the mere cost but I can treat them now and then.

Three, the food groups they miss at school can be made up for when they get home.  Under MY close supervision.  Yup.  I’m a total helicopter mom when it comes to making sure my kids get the nutrition they need.  Could be worse I guess.

That last one has taken me some time to realize.  It didn’t click until I had the opportunity to write an article for Mom If Forward on behalf of PBS Kids.  One of their suggestions was “Use snacks to provide the food groups your children are missing during meals.”

It was like a light bulb went off in my head.  *ding* Ohhhhh!  Yeah.  That makes sense and it sounds so much easier then the same old routine of packing what I want them to eat in their lunch and getting upset when they bring it home uneaten.

So when they get home and are staaaaaarrrrrrrvvvvvvvving {almost to the point of exhaustion – and they say girls are the drama queens} I have fruit and yogurt and crackers and peanut butter…pretty much anything I would want them eating at school except now they eat it after school.

These grahamwiches were a little concoction I made up the other day.  They loved them and better yet…so did I!

Head on over to Mom It Forward for a list of fabulous snack ideas from PBS Kids along with my recipe for these cocoa butter and apple grahamwiches.

Now school lunch doesn’t need to be a fight and snack time belongs to me!


  1. What is this cocoa almond butter? Sounds like bliss in a jar. Sure wish we had a Trader Joes close by!!! Off to see if there is a DIY recipe 🙂 And more to the point of the article….this just make good sense. I hadn’t really thought of it but now I am going to be more intentional with their snacks!

    • Thanks Sarah! I hope you were able to find a recipe. We don’t have a TJ’s close by {yet} so we always stock up when we visit California. And when I say stock up I mean stock up. I leave clothes behind if necessary…who needs clothes anyways!?

  2. OMG….that cocoa almond butter!!! I wish you were my mom and made me these snacks (I also long for the days of being a youngster in general lol)! 😛

  3. I hope I don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this one! I’d love a great apple grahamwich after work! 🙂

  4. Oh boy, I bet your kids loved those!!!


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