Chocolate Snack Cups {Kids Can Cook Toosday}

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from baking with kids it’s that it’s easy to over think it and it’s best not to.

Last year around this time I was able to have a baking day just like this one with my boys.  I over thought it.  The result was a fun day but about 45 minutes too long.

I’ve learned that to make memorable experiences with my kids in the kitchen I don’t need to spend a crazy amount of time, spin some elaborate scheme in the kitchen, or I can’t expect to hold their attention for more then 10 minutes.  Those 10 minutes are all I need.

In 10 minutes we were able to whip up some of our favorite {3 ingredient} chocolate chip pumpkin cookies and these super easy chocolate cups.  I knew that with my kids ages that working with melted chocolate was not going to be an option so I thought I’d try letting them assemble the cups before melting the chocolate.

The result was a fun treat that the kids didn’t have to be near heat to make.

And while we waited for the chocolate to cool they were able to snack on those cookies we baked earlier.

I’d say they were pretty happy campers and, best of all, I didn’t lose my cool either.

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  1. Yum! Tasty & easy snacks!

    • Thanks Kayle! We had so much fun and the kids loved them! I’m saving the rest for movie night…gotta ration out the sweets or else they are bouncing off the walls.

  2. I LOVE that picture of your four handsome boys filling the cups! Your youngest looks like your mom. SO cute.

    • Thanks Judy! They are growing up so fast. And that little squirt has quite the personality and can already defend himself against his older brothers. It’s pretty much a free for all at our house everyday!

  3. Never a more true post, sometimes I’m like a boss when my daughter helps me but I’m glad to say not any more. It’s not about the baking. It’s about the time hanging out together…

  4. What great ideas! You make it so easy to do with kids…what a great help they can be in the kitchen. 🙂


  5. Wholly , molly! Looks so delicious ! I can imagine kids joy preparing this treat! Nice job!

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