Loaded Mashed Potato Soup

After one full week in the hospital my father-in-law was ready to come home from the hospital yesterday.  And then some blood tests came back that indicated there could still be a problem so he had to stay.

After staying in hospital myself for more than a couple days I can understand the desire to be home…in your own bed with no one interrupting you in the middle of the night to check your blood pressure and vital signs.

When he got hurt during the fall roundup last week we were all joking that the cow that did this would be hamburger.  It’s fate is still sealed but as each day passes I am becoming a bit more grateful to that cow.  It’s looking like this accident has alerted his doctors to a bigger problem.  So perhaps this accident is not really an accident at all.

The road ahead is uncertain and my heart aches for him and my mother-in-law who has been by his side the entire way, only leaving the hospital to sleep.  I’ve taken her some meals and the other night I wanted to make something especially comforting.

This Mashed Potato Soup is what I made.  When I make mashed potatoes I love to make extra just so that I can have this for lunch or dinner the next day.  It is the perfect 30 Minute Monday meal and extremely budget friendly.  Top it with cheese, bacon, and onions for that loaded look!

In the meantime, my and family appreciate all the love and support you’ve shown.  It means so much and we are so very grateful.


  1. Oh my…. that’s a long stay in the hospital. I’m not a good patient, so my thoughts are with him. Further thoughts and prayers are with him that whatever the issue is it will be “fixed” as soon as can be and with little discomfort.
    As for the soup, I’m not a soup fan. However!! This is one soup that I adore! I’ve made a similar version myself a few times and it’s the one soup I could eat over and over.

  2. Praying for your father in law!!! xo

    Soup looks like the perfect comfort food.

  3. Seriously praying for your family right now. And I have such a strong testimony that trials happen for a reason. This soup looks so tasty, can’t wait to try it.

  4. It does seem like it was all a blessing in disguise. Prayers for your FIL and that they find out the problem and get everything taken care of!

    This soup sound so perfect. And you can’t beat a 30 minute meal!!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope he’ll get better soon! That soup sounds like the perfect comfort food – I’m keeping you and your family in my thoughts. xoxo

  6. This soup was delicious! We topped with parmesan.


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