Angry Bird Sugar Cookies

I must say, I have really out done myself with these Angry Bird Sugar Cookies.

I don’t consider myself incredibly talented when it comes to cookies.  At least when it involves getting creative with cookie cutters and designing something totally new out of, say, a gingerbread boy.  I like to imitate the cookie extraordinaires {Sweetopia, Bake at 350, Sweet Sugar Belle – just to name a few}.  And yes, I did just get sucked into each one of those blogs…what day is it!?

I do work with royal icing, much like the wonderful women I mentioned above, but it can get a bit expensive and when I’m only making a small batch of cookies I find it difficult to spend the money on something that will go to waste.  I’ll lick buttercream frosting straight from the bowl, if needs be, just so it doesn’t go in the trash.

Fortunately, no buttercream frosting went to waste during the making of these cookies.  It just so happened to be my son’s birthday yesterday.  I’ll give you one guess as to the one thing that rocks his world right now.

Angry Birds.  As if it needed to be said.

Call it a moment of divine intervention, luck, the stars aligned…or what have you but I thought I could use a circle cookie cutter and my heart cookie cutter to create the shape of the angry bird.  Nailed it.

I used my sugar cookie recipe {best.ever}, a {shhh, don’t tell anyone} carton of whipped vanilla frosting, candy eyeballs, food coloring, and voila!  Instant happy 4 year old.

You’ll need: half or one full batch of sugar cookie dough

2″ circle cookie cutter

1″ heart shaped cookie cutter

1 – 12 oz carton whipped vanilla frosting

candy eyeballs, black writing gel, red food coloring, yellow food coloring

Cut out the cookies.  Place the circles onto a cookie sheet 2″ apart.  Put the cut out heart at the top of the circle and slightly curve so that the sides are touching.  Bake according to directions, cool, and decorate.


  1. I have three little ones who would go bananas for these cookies! How creative! LOVE it!

  2. These are too cute. So excited about the thecircle and heart, so brillant. I have my own almost 4 year old who thinks this would be pretty cool, maybe in pink 🙂

  3. How cute and creative!

  4. Okay, those? Are awesome.

  5. Whoa! They are perfect!! I wish I could frost or design a cookie…I suck. 🙂
    Happy Birthday to the little man!!

  6. Dom Velentano says:

    Sounds like a great idea to productize as a food entrepreneur! I might suggest to my readers to follow mom and food bloggers for new product ideas.

  7. Love these. They look great and look perfectly angry too! 🙂

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